5 Fun and Affordable Summer Getaways

With summer around the corner all of us are dying for a little summer getaway from all the books, stress, and work that we have been doing this past academic year. Even if you are working or doing summer school during the summer doesn't mean you can’t have a little fun on the weekends. Here are some fun, easy, and affordable summer getaways that will make you wish it was summer time all year long.

Take a camping trip with a group of friends

Camping with friends is always a great way to get out of the city and escape life for a little bit and enjoy the outdoors with your best friends! In Washington, we are spoiled with the amount of campgrounds we have in this state, so split up the cost on food, and a campsite and you are in for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness.

Road trip to Vancouver Canada

Get your passports ready! Canada is a super quick drive from Seattle, and if you go with a group of people Airbnb is not that expensive for one weekend.

Groupon Spa Day

If you have the app Groupon, there are always jack full of spa deals around your area that are absolutely affordable.

Chelan Weekend

Once again Airbnb is the way to go if you want your family, or a group of friends to rent a lake house, or stay at a hotel, or even camp! Chelan is a fun getaway located North East part of the Washington state with its fun lake activities!

Silverwood Day

Silverwood is located near Cord élan Idaho; it’s an amusement park that is actually really fun for adults as well. It’s a great weekend event to spend a day at the part and have fun with friends while staying in beautiful Cord élan Idaho.