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4 Habits to protect your skin This Spring

The sun is coming out and we are just as stoked as the next girl to get these winter legs shaved and sunkissed for spring (if that’s your sorta thing). But what we need to remember is that the sun is a giant orb of fire and our skin doesn’t stand a chance. Lucky for us, there are tons of ways to keep us looking sun kissed and staying protected.





If your winter time moisturizer is lacking in SPF we strongly suggest a switch for spring time. If the sun causes anything it’s premature wrinkles and sun spots. Moisturize in the morning and right before bed for healthy, happy skin! So stay prepared and protected with chopstick, moisturizing body lotion and sunscreen! 


Use Sunscreen


Speaking of sunscreen, even though tanning oil feels much more appealing on a sunny beach than a bottle of SPF, your skin will thank you in the long run. Avoid and soothe burns with Alba’s Green Tea sunscreen. The soothing oil and green tea antioxidants helps prevent sun burns and soothes current ones to avoid future ones.



If you’re looking to be a bit more bronze before you hit the beach, we recommend L’oreal’s Tanning Toilets. They’re subtle enough to enhance a current tan or bronze you up for a pre-suntan.


Personal Shade


 If there is ever a time to be shady, it’s in the sun. Keep those peepers protected with sunglasses and dad hats as often as possible. If you are someone who burns often on your shoulders and neck, rock a chic floppy hat to the beach and outdoor outings to keep the sun at bay and those shoulders looking supple.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets burned (literally). If you’re going to do anything this spring break, it should be taking care of your skin! Stay moisturized, stay bronze and stay shady.

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