3 Shows I Binged Over Christmas Break

If you are anything like me and spent most of your winter break indoors watching random shows, this is the feature for you. I spent most of my winter break hiding indoors while also trying to work as much as possible, with limited time between shifts, I found myself relying on the excitement of networks like Netflix or HBO. If you are looking for a show to get your blood pumping, but not cause complete terror, these are the shows for you. (I am not someone who loves the horror genre, and I found myself only slightly scared throughout these shows)

Haunting of Hill House

Not only was this show a little scary, but I found myself falling in love with some of the characters and the plot. If you are looking for an American Horror Story vibe, I would recommend this show! There are definitely some parts that make you jump, but its not a constant scare. With different time lines throughout the show, there is a ton of character development that really invests you into this series. 

Game of Thrones

Okay, I'll admit it. It wasn't my first time binge watching this series, but I HAD TO. With the series primer of Season 8 right around the corner, its the time to re-watch this exciting TV show while you still have the time. This show is exclusively available through HBO, but let me tell you it is worth it! There is drama, excitement, terror, and DRAGONS. If you are into any of those 4 things, I highly recommend you get binging!

Bird Box

This movie had a ton of mixed reviews on whether or not it was as good of a movie as all the hype surrounding it, but the Sandra Bullock lover in me was obsessed. This thriller is just scary enough for people like myself, who don't want to be scared out of our seats, but enjoy the adrenaline that kicks in when Sandra Bullock is running through the woods blindfolded. I think you have to watch it to form an opinion yourself and see if you are a fan or not, but don't knock it till you try it!

Hey HC chapters, leave us a comment in the box below with your opinions of these films. Will they make your much watch list?