3 Reasons You Should Not Sleep In Your Makeup

Raise your hand if you have ever gone straight to bed after a long night out and DID NOT take your makeup off.  If your hand wasn’t high in the air you are probably lying to yourself (if you’re not, feel free to share your secrets) because more often than not, everyone is guilty of the laziness taking over and thinking “one night sleep with a full face of makeup on won’t hurt”.  One night, may not make a great impact at the moment, but if this becomes a habit, it can have some serious outcomes down the road. Here are 3 things that happen to your skin if you skip the last step (and honestly the best part) of your night.


Clogged Pores

While you sleep with a layer of makeup still on your skin it has nowhere to go but to sink right into our pores. (GROSS!)  Not only is this straight up clogging your pores, but this leftover makeup can actually stretch out your pores and make them look larger! And I think everyone can do the simple math of sleeping in your makeup + clogged pores = BREAKOUTS.  


Dry Skin

Leaving makeup on while you sleep creates a barrier or film over your skin preventing it from breathing.  This film deprives your skin of the oxygen it needs and this lack of air causes it to dry out! The film left on your skin isn’t just makeup.  It is filled with all of the pollutions your skin has collected from throughout the day (car exhaust, smoke, etc.). Leaving these toxins on your skin leads to irritation (because they don’t belong there!).  This irritation can cause redness, burning eyes, and of course acne.


Early Aging and Wrinkles

Everything bad about sleeping in your makeup adds up to early aging.  For me, this is the biggest reason I made sure to stop sleeping in my makeup! All the gunk left on your skin is leading to collagen break down and weakens it over time.  Collagen is a protein in your body that helps your body's tissues, skin, hair and nails stay healthy.


Now, if you raised your hand, in the beginning, I bet you can relate to the absolute struggle of coming home and not having the energy to take off our make up, wash our face, and do our skin care.  My new favorite product to make life so much simpler is Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water! This all-in-one cleaning water removes makeup, cleanses and refreshes with no need to rinse, no harsh rubbing and even removes waterproof makeup (no more raccoon eyes in the morning)! It is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and is oil, alcohol, and fragrance-free.  To apply just shake the bottle well, apply to cotton pad and gently wipe over skin until clean.


Say hello to your new holy grail!