21st Birthday Ideas That Aren’t Overdone

A 21st birthday is a pivotal moment in our culture. It is  a way of passage and an excuse to drink as much as you. If you are not into that kind of thing or you just want something else to do for your birthday that is not overdone, here are some out of the box ideas to make your birthday one to remember!

Spa Day


Even though most people see 21st birthdays as an opportunity to go crazy and take 8 shots in 45 minutes. But if that really isn'y your thing, maybe spending a little you time, celebrating yourself with a nice glass of champagne with few of your favorite people instead of $3 shots surrounded with a bar full of strangers. 

Wine Tasting


Ring in another trip around the sign with a view and a more refined pallet! Such a fun opportunity to dress up and an excuse to eat all of the bread and cheese you can consume.

Party Bus



(Stripper poll is optional)

Road Trip


Whether you plan a day trip to the beach or a week long excursion, but a road trip is a great way to get away, catch up with your besties and your favorite 2000's albums.

Casino Night


If you can't afford a trip to Vegas, bring Vegas to you! Or just stop into your local casino, pretend you know how to play poker and try not to lose all of the birthday money your grandparents sent you. Win or lose, you'll be able to live out your James Bond fantasy (depending on the Casino) and maybe get a free slice of cheesecake!

You only turn 21 once and it's important you don't have to celebrate it like everyone else.