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As 2020 has come to end I think everyone can agree that this one year has felt like five. I know for a fact that thinking back to last January is painful, I cannot remember anything. Once March came around and everyone was stuck at home there were hundreds of trends that were flying around from watching Tiger King to doing at-home workouts to making whipped coffee. We were all over the place and that does not look like it is going to stop any time soon. 

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Starting in January to the beginning of March we were living our life as to what we now called “normal.” Yes, there were trends but they were more fashion trends, social media trends, and little things here and there that you would expect as you’re entering a new year. 

Then mid-March hit and everyone was trying to find things to fill up their very empty days. People were downloading TikTok, learning TikTok dances, and getting their whole family in on them. People were adapting to workout at home, whether that was buying all new home gym gear or finding the best YouTube workouts. Zoom parties were becoming a weekly event. People were talking to family and friends more in the past year than they had in the last decade. 

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Then around April and May people started realizing that our quarantine was going to last way longer than we had thought so we got food creative. From whipped coffee to making homemade bread to just constantly baking. People were getting creative with their work-from-home attire, which was a mix of professional and casual clothes. There were a lot of DIY outfits and loungewear that was being reborn again. 

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From June to August, people were settling into our “new normal'' and finding the things that they can and cannot do. More and more people were going on road trips and keeping their pod of people close. Some jobs were opening back up and people were slowly starting to regain hope again. 

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As fall came around schools were either slowly opening up their campus or were sticking with the online for a while longer. That is where we started to see more of the zoom calls coming back to life, hair dying became big, sweatsuits were making a comeback, kid's online school pods were becoming their in-person friends again. 

Then as 2020 came to a close and COVID-19 numbers rose again, hot chocolate bombs started, TikTok came back, and cozy loungewear is what you wore 24/7. The holidays looked a little different, but people went all out on Christmas decorations. Events were still canceled and people laid low at home. 

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Even though we are not quite through with our COVID-19 times, people are adjusting to our new norms and looking forward to our new post-quarantine trends we will create! 

Henley is a freshman at Central Washington University and is trying to find her passion. As a freshman, she is still looking into what career path she is interested in. Some of her interests include going to the gym, watching movies, cooking/baking, and just hanging out with friends!
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