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2018 Winter Olympics Review

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea have wrapped up and it’s safe to say: The Women of Team USA SLAYED. During the two weeks of competition, the United States collected 23 medals, nine gold, eight silver and six bronze. 12 of those 23 were won by women, along with 2 medals coming from mixed events. And here’s the best part: five of the nine gold medals belong to women. 

These women earning these medals were a huge victory for not only Team USA, but all women in America. Having over half of the gold medals won in Pyeongchang is groundbreaking and will inspire a generation of young girls to have aspirations of winning Olympic Gold Medals. Not to mention inspiring us all to never give up on our dreams. The Olympics never fail to remind us what it looks like when someone dedicates their life to something and they get to see all their hard work pay off. 


Team USA 2018 Gold Medalists

1. Jamie Anderson – Slopestyle Snowboarding

2. Chole Kim – Halfpipe Snowboarding

3. Mikaela Shiffrin – Giant Slalom Alpine Skiing

4. Jessie Diggins & Kikkan Randall – Cross-Country Team Free Sprint

5. Team USA Women’s Hockey

So congratulations to these hard-working women and all of the women at the 2018 Olympics for reaching the very peak of their profession, we are so proud! 

We are so excited to see these women on the rise, along with the rest of the women across the world. Now is the time to celebrate the success of women and their  accomplishments, and HC CWU couldn’t be prouder of these Olympic gold medalists. Cheers to women supporting women in all aspects of life, after all, the future is female!

Hey HC chapters, how proud of these American women are we! Leave us a comment below to share your excitement.

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