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20 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Although it is hard to believe that I am already heading into my twenties, I have come to realize how important these past two decades have been for me and how thankful I am for all that I have learned. The following is a list of 20 things I would tell my younger self and what I will also be taking with me in the years to come. 

Let Go of Things You Cannot Control

This might sound obvious but it is one thing I have really struggled with, as I can be quite stubborn regarding most things in my life. 

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Much like the previous statement, this one has to do with my constant habit of being over-critical about myself and the things that I do. While caring too much isn’t necessarily a bad thing, being more carefree would also add so much more happiness to my life.

Your Personality Can Change Over the Years, Just Like Your Style

With life experiences comes change, and with that change, can come a different you.

Be Open with Your Emotions

If you know me personally, you know that I am a sensitive lady. I really do wear my heart on my sleeve. But I didn’t really start talking about my feelings with those I trust enough, until about a year ago. Which is something that has really helped me and should continue. 

Make Statements You Might Be Afraid to Make

I have always been quite passionate about certain topics such as basic human rights but I wasn’t as headstrong about them until high school. Now I understand how loud one voice can be and that staying silent about important issues can do more harm than good.

It’s Okay to Outgrow People

Some people aren’t good for me and I might not be good for others. Sometimes that can be a tough pill to swallow and even more often, it can be heartbreaking. But some relationships and friendships aren’t meant to be.

Make the Most of Easy Moments

Having two jobs and going to school full time can really make me forget the simple pleasures of life such as letting myself rest or have a day off. Taking it easy is definitely something to treasure every now and then.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

As I’ve gotten older, this has become more and more apparent. The state of one’s mental health fluctuates rapidly over time and is determined by many different factors in one’s life. So if it isn’t a top priority, there can be many repercussions that affect your livelihood and even people in your life.

Be Kind to Yourself, Not Just Those Around You

I have always made it my goal to treat people with kindness and civility no matter what, however, it can be difficult when it comes to treating myself with kindness. 

Find Appreciation for Your Body

It is your home, after all. Although I still find myself disliking my body from time to time, I now understand that my body is so important. It is what keeps me alive and it is what can create life later on, which is beautiful.

Stop Searching for Love, It Will Find You

This has also been a hard one to come to terms with. It might be because of the standards I have or because of how much I just want to find that great love of my life. Either way, I have learned that you can’t create your own love story and that it will happen when it happens.

Be Grateful for Past Experiences

Good or bad, your experiences made you who you are today.

Allow Yourself to Outgrow Passions and Create New Ones

I was a cheerleader for a big chunk of my life and I am endlessly thankful for the values and lessons that sport has instilled in me until today. But it is okay to move on from certain passions and find new ones.

Romanticize Your Dreams

No matter what people tell you, your dreams are not too big and your goals are not unrealistic. As long as you remain ambitious, your ambitions are valid.

There Is No Timeline for Your Personal Success

Whatever success means to you, there is no set amount of time to accomplish what you want. Whether you decide to retire at 35 or 75 is up to you. 

Let Yourself Be Creative

I grew up knowing I had a love for creating things and experimenting with new projects. But sometimes life got in the way of different things I would want to try and they would get pushed to the back burner. If I could go back in time, creativity is a major thing that I would try to keep constant. 

Cherish Time with Loved Ones

Now that I know family can come in all different shapes and sizes, I’ve learned how important it is to really be present in time with family and friends. 

Stop Apologizing

This is something that I still find myself doing way too often, due to many factors such as internalized misogyny and the fact that I tend to take myself too seriously. However, I will be trying my best to change this ugly habit because it is much better to live unapologetically.

Find Peace in Your Own Independence

For the longest time, I was terrified of doing anything by myself. Now, I enjoy time for myself whether it be going to the grocery store or the gym. It almost creates a sense of pride within myself because it makes me realize how independent I can truly be. 

Happiness Is What You Make of It

Your happiness only depends on your mindset and the way you view your life. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do, it’s simply up to you and what you decide makes you happy.

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As I continue to grow and find my true self, there will undoubtedly be more things to add to this list. But I hope that some of these might inspire you wherever you might be in your path of life. 

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