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11 Things You Should Leave Behind in 2018

There are only two months left in 2017… just let that sink in.  It is never too early to start thinking of resolutions or new, simple ways to change your habits for the upcoming year.  Here are a few ideas to help give your list a jump start!

Stop Being Petty

Honestly, being petty has no positive outcomes.  It wastes your time and is never a productive way to use your energy.  You are better off communicating and vocalizing your issues rather than trying to solve them through a sub-tweet.

Stop Ignoring What Your Body/ “Gut” is Telling You

There are two ways this can go; whether it is your body telling you to get more sleep and eat healthier or your intuition telling you to rethink a situation, 99% of the time your gut will not steer you in the right direction.

Stop Saying Yes to Things You Don’t Want to Do

If you are doing this you are most likely trying to avoid things by being too busy, and by always agreeing to plans you are not allowing yourself to get any down time. This is going to cause you to burn out and usually makes you look flakey when you can’t do it all. It’s okay to take a few nights to just chill out by yourself.

Stop Focusing So Much About Social Media

So many people say “If you don’t post a picture on Instagram did it really happen?” The answer is yes, I did happen and it’s okay to not post every waking moment on social media.  Sometimes living in the moment is better than 100+ likes.

Stop Buying Cold-Shoulder Tops (please)

This trend has overstayed its welcome.  For a minute they were a cute trend that added a little something to an outfit, but now can we agree that cold-shoulders are really just ruining some perfectly good shirts and dresses? If we stop buying them, they’ll stop making them. They just got to go.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself if your life isn’t like the girl sitting next to you in class or if you don’t have a boyfriend like your BFF.  Instead of spending time wallowing in your own self-pity, but your energy into making yourself a better you!

Stop Lowering Your Dating Standards

You deserve the absolute best, don’t settle for less. Your dream guy/girl is out there and you will never find him if you keep lowering the bar. Write down what you want in a partner and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t check all your boxes.

Stop Spending So Much Money.

You are not Beyonce, make dinners at home. Drink more before you go out. Walk or ride your bike to class. Every penny counts and you never know what the future hold so it’s better to be prepared then to come up short and start saving.

Stop Hate-Stalking Your Lld BFF/ex/ex’s New Bae

Hate stalking has zero positive outcomes on your life and can tank your mood and outlook on life in general. It is time to be the bigger person and let that person live their life and go live yours. 

Stop Obsessing Over Boys/Girls Who Don’t Text You Back

Remember: someone that wants to be with you won’t put themselves in a position to lose you. They are never worth it. Period.

Stop Being Uninformed 

It is 2017 and it’s important to be in tune with what’s happening in the world. If you need tips on how to be more in the know, read how to be more media literate

How are you planning to improve for the new year? Remember you don’t have to wait until January first, self improvement goes with every season. 




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