11 Facts About Our Favorite Australian

This week I got to catch up with Sinclair who came to CWU all the way from Australia. We know he always has a smile and a smoothie in hand, but we wanted to know more! Here are some fun facts about our favorite Australian.

He's From Sydney, Australia

His Birthday Is February 13th

He's Majoring in Business

He's A Transfer So He Doesn't Know What Year He Is

His Favorite Sport Is Rugby (Us Too)

His Favorite Hobby is Surfing 

His Favorite Place to Surf is Hawaii 

His Favorite Movie is Hot Fuzz

His Favorite Restaurant in Ellensburg is The Road House (because Amanda works there.)

His Hidden Talent Is Juggling 

He Plans To Be A Professional Rugby Player After College

There ya have it! Next time you see him around campus make sure to give him a smile or buy him a smoothie. If you're lucky you might just get to hear is accent.