10 YouTube Channels You Should Rediscover in 2020

Over winter break not only did I get the chance to see my family and celebrate the holidays, but I also got the chance to go through my YouTube subscriptions. With so much time to kill over the past four-ish weeks, my regular YouTube rotations got quite stale and boring. Although I will continue to watch the Youtubers near and dear to my heart, I believe going into the new decade it is time to shake things up a little bit. I will admit this list may not be something that you agree with, however, I have a very diverse group of content on my feed and I tried my best to find some balanced creators that catered to not only one group of individuals. So, here are some YouTube channels I think you should add back into your feed for 2020.     

10.  Nakey Jakey  

Although his name sounds quite bizarre, Jake was one of my favorite Youtubers in high school. Known for his sit-down talks and his infotainment content, this YouTube channel has really blossomed within the past year. I have to say he isn't the most consistent when it ones to uploading, but I can't shake the feeling of excitement whenever a video pops up on my feed. I can't wait to see what he has to say in 2020.    

9. Mark Rober  

Do you like science or just cool science experiments from childhood? Then Marks channel is for you! Being a retired NASA mechanic, Mark left his job to follow his passion for having fun with science. From jello pools to glitter bombs, Mark’s videos bring me back to my childhood state of imagination. Since he only uploads a handful of videos a year, it was easy for me to lose him in my feed. I strongly suggest checking out his videos in 2020, I have a feeling you won't be disappointed with what he has to offer.  

8. Threadbanger  

Rob and Corrine, two people that I grew up with. With their Pinterest videos and DIY content, their videos were the perfect balance of crafting and humor. Last year the channel was very quiet, they didn’t upload regularly for months and many of us fans were wondering if they lost their spark. A couple months back they uploaded a video called “I died” where Rob explained that he had a massive heart attack that will take him years to recover from. This video was so sad to see and completely unexpected. Within the last two months, the channel has started to upload again but they have publicly stated that they will be pacing themselves until their life is back to normal. I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings them because the only way they can go is up at this point.  

7. Sas ASMR    

I’m not going to lie, I totally forgot ASMR was a thing until recently. I used to watch Sas, every week I just love the way she sets up her videos, they are so ascetically pleasing and nice to watch at 2 in the morning. Her content hasn’t necessarily changed within the last couple of years, but if you are looking for something different to shake up your feed in 2020, Sas is the way to go.     

6. LA Beast  

A blast from the past, LA Beast is the most extreme YouTuber on the platform. Known for his eating challenges, Beast will eat just about everything. From cactus to three-week-old milk, the man was a beast. Two years ago, Beast decided to take a hiatus to focus on mental health and the direction of his life. Just recently Beast started posting again. I wonder what crazy challenges he will start in 2020.  

5. Jaiden Animations  

I love animators and their storytime videos. Jaiden is such a sweet soul and her videos are so relatable and pure. I remember sitting around with all my friends and binge-watching all of her videos and comparing her experiences to being an adult with ours. She tries to upload as consistently as she can but the animation is time-consuming. I hope she will continue to make me smile in 2020, you definitely don’t want to miss her videos on your feed. 

4. Safiya Nygaard  

The queen of random, Safiya has made almost every kind of video you can think of. Since she is so versatile, every time I would watch her video I would end up down a rabbit hole of a specific topic. With her wedding coming soon I’m sure her content will continue to evolve in creativity in 2020.    

3. Garrett Watts  

Known for being apart of Shane Dawson’s friend group, Garrett is by far one of my favorite human beings. His cute quirky nature also puts a smile on my face. His videos are so creative and fun. Since Garret doesn’t post more than once or twice a year I usually forget about his channel throughout the year. However, this year has been different, his upload schedule has been a tad more consistent So I am quite hopeful that he will be rediscovered in 2020.  

2. Jenna Marbles  

A staple to my childhood and I’m sure yours too was Jenna Marbles videos. Essentially the internet's fun aunt Jenna is so creative and enjoyable to watch. As I got older, I will admit, I forgot about her content. Recently I have started to watch her new content, and I must say her new videos are so hysterical! I will be watching Jenna’s new content in 2020.   

1. Brandon Rogers  

You may know Brandon from his wacky characters seen in most famously “A Day at the Park”. Rogers blew up back in 2016 when he introduced the world to his crazy characters on camera. I stopped watching Rogers when he was producing his Fullscreen show in 2017 “Magic Funhouse” due to the low activity on his channel. Being on winter break I was able to watch all his new content and let me tell you there is so much to watch. He has made two docuseries on his channel this year alone, so you can imagine the amount of time I spent watching him. Let me just say his content is getting nothing but better since 2017. I can’t wait to see what artistic comedy he produced in 2020.  


So, there you go, these are the YouTube channels I believe deserve some more credit in 2020. Do you agree with my selection? Who do you think would be a good choice to shake up your feed in 2020? Happy New Year's babes hope you all have a great year!