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Why Issa Rae’s Hbo Series ” Insecure” is the Best TV Show Out

On October 9th, Issa Rae, known for for her Youtube series and book ” Misadventures of an awkward Black girl” debuted her highly anticipated television comedy show on HBO. Insecure is about two friends, Issa and Molly going through two totally diffrent directions in their lives. Issa is struggling- she is the only black woman working at her predominatily white job. She works for a non-profit that helps middle schoolers in South Central LA and she is not extremely motivated with her job. After her long days at work, she goes home to her long term boyfriend Lawrence, where she also feels unsure about him and their relationship as well. Then there is Molly, who is living a totally different life than Issa, she is a very sucessful lawyer and it seems like she has it all but her dating life is absoulte trash. She has high standards and the guys she is very interested in only want sex from her, not a relationship. She is deseperately looking for something more.

“Insecure” defies the typical stereotype of the ” strong, black woman” who has everything under control. This show takes a different direction on the black female expierence on film, showing to black women who are struggling finding themselves. The show also tackles the issues of race and the complexity of blackness but they do so in a way where it is not seen as stereotypical. This is one of the best show’s out on television this fall because it is not only an hialrious comedy but it sucha great representation of two black women on television and televsion havent had a show like that since ” Girlfriends”(which needs a reunion episode ASAP). “Insecure” was just greenlighted for a second season but to keep up with the show now watch it every sunday on HBO at 8pm and you can also download HBO Go and use the free trial and binge watch all the episodes you missed!

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