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Why “House of Anubis” is the Best Nickelodeon Show to Date

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In the early 2010s, Nickelodeon premiered what would come to be known as one of the best series ever to air on television, the acclaimed House of Anubis series. With three seasons packed full of epic escapes, daring rescues, and puzzling mystery, the show was a huge success. It can currently be streamed on Paramount Plus for those of you who would like to reminisce or experience the show for the first time. House of Anubis held a truly captivating plot that left audiences, including myself, antsy for when one thirty minute episode would premiere each week. Here are several reasons why House of Anubis is so spectacular:

  1. It teaches Egyptian Mythology.

House of Anubis is both entertaining and informative on the subject of Ancient Egyptian mythology, specifically in how it could potentially relate to the present day. The prophecy of the Osirian and Chosen One are two very distinct myths that HOA brings to life inside a British boarding school. There are constant references to the Egyptian gods and their symbols, with the main set being the House of Anubis, who is the God of death. When House of Anubis  premiered in the early 2010s, it was at the peak of the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicle series, making the series one of the only shows that reached this niche audience and brought the mythology they so desperately devoured to life. 

  1. It launched the careers of several successful actors. 

The most notable actress to come from the show did not join the cast until season three after main character Nina, played by Nathalia Ramos, left. This replacement main character is known as KT, played by actress Alexandra Shipp, who has gone on to star in films such as X-men; Tick, Tick, Boom; Love, Simon; and Deadpool 2. Other notable actors are Alex Sawyer who appeared in Hulu’s show, Harlots, and Bobby Lockwood, who starred on another teen show that aired in Britain called, Wolfblood, with fellow Anubis co-star, Lousia Connolly-Burnham. Burkely Duffield, who plays Eddie, has gone on to star in other Nickelodeon movies such as Jinxed. Adult actor Francis Magee, who plays the evil caretaker Victor, has appeared in films such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Winterlong, Kin, and even episodes of Game of Thrones

  1. It has everything a juicy soap opera would need. 

There is romantic tension, love triangles, high school drama, betrayal, kidnapping, mistaken identity, and even death wrapped up in these thirty-minute long episodes. The level of intrigue is comparable to a telenovela. If this show were redone today with adult actors, a larger budget, and more advanced and thoughtful cinematography, it would surely be the only thing people were talking about. It has everything a show needs to keep the audience intrigued, which is probably why middle schoolers like myself were practically twitching for it to air every week. Every episode always left off on a cliffhanger that would leave eleven year olds lying awake at night wondering the fate of their favorite characters. 

  1. The plot is unpredictable. 

As mentioned previously, there are cliffhangers not only at the end of every episode, but also on almost every commercial break. The producers of the film really knew how to cut off the audience and leave them wanting more, (so much that commercial breaks were the only time anyone in my household pulled their eyes from the television or left for a bathroom break). The plot was incredibly unpredictable, except for the notion that Good would win eventually. However, the heroes of the series sure did take their sweet time getting there. The show was so immersive, audiences felt like they too were discovering the secrets of Anubis House right along with the characters themselves. There were dozens of secret passageways, narrow missed-calls with death, and the constant threat of exposure if the adults caught on to what the kids were up to. This left viewers constantly on edge and gasping when a beloved character was caught. 

  1. The acting is bad, but the characters are endearing. 

To be perfectly clear, House of Anubis was a low budget show made by Nickelodeon. It was not a Steven Spielberg film. While the plot does have the merits for a Spielberg-film remake, the original cast would not be suitable to play their beloved characters. Each character is often gimmicky; however, the audience sees much character development throughout the series that is to be admirable in a series with such low production level. By the end of each season, you cannot help but have your favorite character and like a middle schooler would – create your own ship between two castmates. Rewatching the show as an adult will reveal many more cringe-moments than you remember as a child so be warned. 

  1. The cast members are all still friends. 

Who doesn’t love to see when cast members still interact with one another even after a show ends? The House of Anubis cast takes this even a step further; the group manages to meet up together several times a year and have even attended each other’s weddings. They regularly interact with each other on social media and push for a fun reunion whenever they get the chance. There’s something about seeing your favorite childhood characters get older together that makes your heart want to burst. 

Current Architecture student at the Catholic University of America and proud published author of Unravel by Kat Kade. President and Campus Correspondent for CUA's Her Campus Chapter and Business Manager of The Tower Newspaper.
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