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Which Came First: Friends or Food?

It’s about that time of the holidays when eating large amounts of pie with your friends is not only acceptable but also encouraged. The best part of the holidays however, is being able to celebrate with your family and friends. If you’re anything like my friends and I, you look for any reason to eat together and dance while doing so. This is why having a Friendsgiving quickly became a must for us right before going home to spend time with our families and it was such a great idea. This past Friday I decided to host the Black Students Alliance first ever Friendsgiving. It was something we had all wanted to do for some time, so it was great that we were actually able to pull it together.

Everyone pitched in to make it go as well as possible. With an array of different food from buffalo chicken dip, collard greens, ox tail, mac and cheese, rice and beans empanadas and fried chicken, it is safe to say we had more than enough. It was nice to be able to get together with everyone (outside of the cultural center where we usually are all the time) and have a good time. I also loved being able to host all of my friends and welcome them into my home. By the end of the night it had turned from a dinner into a dance party with everyone full and happy acting a fool. It was also cool to hang out with the people that are usually too busy or have a lot going on during the week to get together.

I would highly recommend that everyone have a Friendsgiving with his or her closest friends, or in my case favorite student organization. It not only felt good to be surrounded by people I love but it was also nice to forget about everything going on right now and have a great time. It’s a great way to see everyone before Thanksgiving break and like always there’s no better excuse to eat things I probably shouldn’t have in the name of friendship.

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