This week's campus cuties are none other than sophomores Becca and Chella Rizkalla! You may have seen these beautiful twins around campus, but check out their interview to learn more!
Rebecca Rizkalla
Rachelle Rizkalla
Germantown, Maryland
Rebecca- Psychology with a pre-physical therapy track 
Rachelle- Psychology
Graduation Year:
Relationship Statuses
Rebecca- Single and ready to mingle
Rachelle- Single and ready to mingle
Favorite foods:
Rebecca- Quesadillas
Rachelle- I'm a vaccuum cleaner, I can literally eat anything
Guilty Pleasures: 
Rebecca- Chocolate
Rachelle- Sleeping and eating food
Go to karaoke songs:
Rebecca- Build me up Buttercup
Rachelle- Ain't no Mountain High Enough
Favorite Thursday night spot: 
Rebecca- McDonald's
Rachelle- Pizza Boli's
Celebrity Crushes:
Rebecca- Stephen Amell
Rachelle- Patrick Dempsey, David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Liam Hemsworth
Most embarrassing college experience: 
Rebecca- Tripping on the yellow thing in front of the architecture school with all my friends around me laughing.
Rachelle- Tripping up the stairs in the Pryz in front of everyone.
Favorite college experience so far?:
Rebecca- Being an OA and welcoming all the first-year students
Rachelle- College "get-togethers"
Best part of having a twin:
Rebecca- Always having someone to do everything with me and sharing clothes.
Rachelle- Having a best friend all the time.
Worst part of having a twin:
Rebecca- Sharing a room and everyone always asking where she is when we're not together.
Rachelle- She gets all the guys. 
Dream Jobs: 
Rebecca- Physical Therapist 
Rachelle- Working at the zoo
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Rebecca- Hawaii
Rachelle- Australia
Coke or Pepsi?:
Rebecca- Pepsi
Rachelle- Coke
Mountains or beach?
Rebecca- Beach to get a nice tan.
Rachelle- Beach, so I can stare at the lifeguards. 
Thanks so much ladies!