Thriving, Not Surviving

It's October in the middle of the Fall Semester, and it we've all reached that point of exhaustion and delirium thanks to academics and over-commitments. The question "How's your upcoming week looking?" always answers the same: "Busy." You may wonder how you got to this point, how you seemed to have developed a minute-by-minute schedule that requires your keeping a detailed planner. Who knows, honestly, but here you are nonetheless. But in the midst of your business, maybe take just one moment to refresh, relax and breathe. Take the time to sit and chat with a friend, or maybe spend the night having a movie night with your best gal-pals. Or maybe grab some Freeman clay masks and have a movie night and a beauty night. Find relaxation as you take time to take care of yourself with Freeman's Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub, or the Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask, or my recent new obsession the Manuka Honey and Tree Tea Clay Mask and Cleanser. Nothing feels better than treating your stressed-out-self to a bit of pampering. You don't want the stresses of school work to manifest themselves on your face, do you? So rub on those masks, and take care of your skin!

But if you do find yourself stuck in the library or up late at night studying away, yearning for just a bit of hope in the sadness of homework, I recommend you find yourself some Spindrift sparkling water. Sprindrift has only a few calories per can, and is made from the simplest ingredients to create a deliciously refreshing experience. It's hard to make a night full of studying, reading or writing fun or worth staying up for, but Spindrift does make these nights bearable. Whether you're a strawberry gal, a mango gal, or somewhere in between, Spinrdrift has all the flavors that keep you feeling recharged and guilt-free at that late hour!

Regardless of how much time you have free in your day-to-day (or night-to-night) schedule, these are just a few ways to make your life a little more relaxing, even if just for a second.