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Strawberry Blonde Besties: Lauren Kennedy and Maggie Hovorka ’16

Seeing Double! No, Maggie and Lauren are not twins, but two of CUA’s cutest strawberry blondes. Oh, and best friends both pursuing Architecture degrees; you can most often find these ladies in the studio and hanging out at home with their roommates (who happen to be 7 boys).  


Maggie and Lauren: Architecture


Maggie: Copiague, NY

Lauren: Baldwin, NY


Maggie: Do I have to say it???? (Senior)

Lauren: Senior!

Relationship Status:

Maggie and Lauren: Single as a pringle

When/how did you two become best friends?

Maggie: We discovered that we were both from Long Island in our Architecture 101 class and sat next to one another all semester… all downhill from there (LOL JK)

Lauren: I think a defining moment was when we started to walk to class together/sit in the same spot everyday and our TA nicknamed us “the mean girls”…definitely sealed the deal

Finish this sentence,”In Ten Years I see myself…”:

Maggie: Hopefully an accredited Architect with a husband maybe a few kids

Lauren: Living in a beautiful house with Maggie and ten dogs… just kidding! Maggs and I might open our own firm WHO KNOWS the world is our oyster

Three words to describe one another:

Maggie: Lauren and I are definitely both very stubborn but besides that, she is strong minded, a go getter, and confident

Lauren: Maggie is sentimental, sassy, and very determined

Fast Food Choice:

Maggie: Definitely All American on Long Island. – the best fast food burgers, french fries, and shakes around

Lauren: CHIPOT hands down

What drink would you say each other is and why?

Maggie: I would have to say that she is a mimosa because it is orange and that’s the color of her hair

Lauren: Maggie is definitely a lime margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim…1) because it’s her favorite drink 2) she’s the perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty

Biggest turn off/ dealbreakers?

Maggie: Probably someone who is unmotivated or is not goal oriented

Lauren: Biggest turnoff is dishonesty or not knowing how to be straight up

Where have you studied abroad and what was it like to be a strawberry blonde in Europe?

Maggie: Before we both studied abroad in Rome last spring, we went to County Mayo, Ireland in the Summer of 2014 where we were volunteer construction workers building a project we designed during a semester with CUARCH. We both blended very easily into the culture in Ireland but not so much in Rome or anywhere in Italy for that matter. And places like Istanbul people were always curious as to where I was from but the complete opposite in places like Prague

Lauren: We both studied abroad in Rome last year and being a strawberry blonde was different in every country I’d say. When we visited Ireland we fit right in but when I visited other places like Greece I stuck out like sore thumb. One guy in a restaurant in Marrakesh, Morocco even asked to take a selfie with me (since in the market women are supposed to not have their hair exposed and red hair wasn’t very common)

Each other’s most embarrassing moment at CUA

Lauren: What happens at Dirty Bar stays at Dirty Bar

Maggie: Hey! I can say the same thing about Cities for you!!!!

What else do you guys have in common besides hair color?

Maggie: Our accents, majors, friends, lifestyles

Lauren: Our love for EGGS & cooking  and we both twirl our hair like it’s our job

So you ladies have lots in common, what are some differences between you two?

Maggie: Lauren is 5 inches taller than me… We are different people I swear I just can’t think of any!!!!

Lauren: Maggie has an intense tolerance for hot sauce. She has perfect vision and I’m blind as a bat

Fav Place to Eat in the City?

Maggie: Louriol Plaza near Dupont – awesome Mexican food

Lauren: Momiji for sushi and a Mai Tai!

Fav/Worst class thus far?

Maggie: Favorite: Any class abroad (since it really wasn’t class)/Worst: Physics 101 Freshman Year

Lauren: Favorite: The field sketching class abroad where we took our sketchbooks all over each city we visited as a class and drew famous buildings around Europe/ Worst: SEE MAGGIE’S REPLY ABOVE ^^^

Fun fact?

Maggie: I have one sibling and her name is Clancy (she is a greyhound)

Lauren: I have a sister who is a freshman here and she is our triplet AND I’ve been to Disney World 18 times it is my happy place

Advice to freshmen architecture majors?

Maggie: If you really do like it, take one day at a time because the syllabus can definitely be overwhelming to look at as a whole and also don’t take a bad critique to heart just pick yourself up and keep going!!!!

Lauren: Yeah don’t take a bad critique too personally. Try to see your failures as opportunities to improve and learn from your mistakes. Do your best to balance your architecture life and the rest of your life. School is important but taking time for yourself and your friends outside Crough will make you a happier person in general

What advice can you give on having a lasting friendship in college?

Maggie: We figured out that we spend only about 8 hours a week away from one another and I can say that let things go and compromising keeps us this close

Lauren: I think just really putting the effort into a friendship you truly care about will keep it strong. When the person who dances in circles with you when you get that job you wanted is also the same person who lets you sleep in their bed with them when you’re crying or upset, you know you’ve found someone special that you’d do anything for…I’m having a Grey’s Anatomy moment… just keep the Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey close to your heart!!

Raised in Winchester, Massachusetts, Katherine is a Marketing major at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.. She  has a passion for yoga, traveling, skiing, her dogs, and pasta. In addition to being the Co-Founder and Co-Correspondent of Her Campus CUA, she works at an Irish Pub on Capitol Hill.  She hopes Her Campus will unite the women of CUA and she attempts to occassionally bring femininity and the dynamics of living in Washington, D.C. into her articles. 
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