Perks of a Small Major

The senior class in the National Catholic School of Social Service consists of about twenty students. We did not all start out in NCSSS but we are all here now. Compared to some majors, we are very small but that is what I love about my major because of the BENEFITS. 

1. You get to know EVERYONE. I know everyone in my class and its more than just their names. I know about homes, families, relationships etc and the same goes for the class knowing me. When we all graduate we won't be graduating as just another class. We will be graduating as a FAMILY.

2. We vibe off of each other. Like roommates, we as a class sync up emotionally. If one of us is having a rough week, at LEAST five others are having a rough week. If one of us is having a great week, we are ALL having a great week. I think that it is a benefit because we know what to expect from the others AND we know when extra care and attention is required.

3. You are NEVER alone. A few weeks ago, I was upset and sitting in class. I kept to myself and tried to act normal. One of the girls texted me later that day to check in with me. She said that she knew something was wrong when she first saw me and wanted to see if I need anything. That text was NOT the only reach out I got that day and they weren't to get gossip or anything. It was to make sure I was getting the support I needed. Having those experiences meant the world to me because it reminded me that I am not alone.   

My CUA experience wouldn't be the same without these amazing people. I love them all and will always be thankful for their support. More importantly, I am very thankful for the small number of social work majors in my year.