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#OOTD Braving the Cold in Style

#OOTD. Its a trend we see everywhere, instagram, twitter, facebook, you name it people are posting what they wear and where they get their look from. Well, I guess it is now my turn to contribute to the never-ending hashtag of OOTD. 

I love going out into the city of DC as much as possible, but lately the freezing temperatures have had me hiding in my dorm room. But, sometimes you just need to get out, and why not look as fashionable as possible while braving the 20 degree weather?! If there is one thing I know, its that fashion always needs to be shown off. So here I am, taking on the cold temperatures of DC wearing all things Forever21. Yeah, believe it or not, everything in this picture (besides the Rebecca Minkoff purse and Ray Bans) is from Forever21 and is in range of a college budget! 

Don’t believe me, just shop!…(sorry): 

Jacket // Jeans // Metallic Flats // Scarf // Sunglasses (similar) // Bag (similar)

All you need to do now is swipe on some red lipstick and you could be my doppelgänger.

Try to stay warm and fashionable! Happy shopping! 


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