My Friday Night

*The following was taken from my journal*

Friday night I went out for my friend's birthday. We went to Madhatter and then Shenanigans. It was a really fun night. However, there was a moment at Shenanigans where it wasn't fun. I went to the bar to order a drink with one of my friends before we joined everyone on the dance floor. As we were walking back to the group and guy cut in between us. I tried to move past him and he grabbed me by my waist. I pushed his arm away but instead of moving it he moved his hand below my waist. I immediately kicked him and pushed him away while yelling "Are you serious? Don't touch me!". The guy looked at me and said "You don't know what I was trying to do. Calm down, you aren't that hot". I rolled my eyes and quickly joined my friends and calmed myself down. 

I had two choices after that happened. I could let it upset me and ruin my night or I could get over it and move on. I decided to get over it and move on. However, there is a part of me that is still bothered by it. And honestly, I have a right to be upset. My body is my body and I have the right to say who can touch me and where. I don't understand why some guys think that they can do whatever they want. It's disgusting. What also bothers me is that instead of being a gentleman and apologizing for grabbing me, he decided to insult me and make it seem like it was all in my head. The fact that guys have so much control over girls baffles me. Why did this guy think that this insult would work? Its not like I went up to him and said "I'm hot you should try and get into my pants".  I was literally walking to my friends when he intercepted me and decided to be some creep. It's not like my outfit was wildly inappropriate and an invitation for him. I was dressed up for my friends birthday. 

It saddens me that girls can't go out without worrying about how guys might act or think of them. It horrifies me that guys think that they can do whatever they want without suffering the consequences. But of course we all know if I had hit him or poured my drink on him, I would have gotten in trouble. How is that fair? What that guy did was sexual harassment, and so of course I should have the right to defend myself. Hopefully, one day society will agree with that and stop blaming girls for what guys do. Girls deserve the chance to go out and have fun with friends without being treated like an object or insulted because she are being 'slutty'. I just wish that would happen sooner rather than later.