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A mandatory summer read; “The Intern’s Handbook”.

If you know me personally and have been around me for the past month then you know all about this book. Thanks to Her Campus’ Spring Break Survival Kit I have found one of my favorite guilty pleasure books. The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn. I kid you not when I am saying I was on spring break with my two best friends and while they were partying it up in the pool I was glued to my chair reading this book.

If you are interested in thrillers that take you along a journey one way then completely twist everything and make you yell out loud at the author begging them “whyyyyyy”. Then this is the book for you. The entire story revolves around a man, John Smith at age twenty-five who has been working for a company called HR, Inc. since he was twelve years old. This is no ordinary company; they focus in having elite assassins that can be hired to kill high profile targets. The key are interns.

The fact that in large companies interns are more or less invisible is how they get away with this. Each “employee” of HR, Inc. are trained assassins that get hired by big companies as interns and along with getting coffee for their boss, they attempt to get close to their target and…finish their job. Throughout the book you begin to love the main character but at some points have trouble with what he does. Regardless this book is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone, just be prepared for the biggest plot twist of all time at the end!

P.S. There is a rumor going around that it may be turning into a major motion picture with Dave Franco starring. If my recommendation doesn’t get you reading this book then this should! I mean…look at that face.

Caroline is a senior at The Catholic University of America studying Marketing. Along with her studies she is the Co-Founder and Co-Correspondent (Co-Editor-in-Chief) of Her Campus CUA, and works part time at a popular bbq place in downtown Washington, DC.  In her free time she enjoys exploring the city with friends and hunting down the best BLT. She hopes that bringing Her Campus to CUA will give students a new way to express themselves that has not been offered before.
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