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The Key To A Healthy Relationship: The Chase

“In that moment his eyes were opened. Opened to what just might be a one-in-a-million love”- The Chase

Imagine this: you date your best friend for the second semester of freshman year and the summer. You are together for a total of seven months and then when sophomore year starts back up, you decide to break up on the first day of classes. Sad right? Well that is what happened to me at the beginning of this school year, my heart got broken. I spent the beginning of the semester wishing that things could be different and that you could have the epic love that everyone wants in that moment. I felt lost and I cried a lot. My best friend, Kaitie, gave me until Hurricane Joaquin and then told me to read a book. The Chase: Trusting God With Your Happily Ever After. It took me less than two hours to read this book and after I read it, I felt changed. I went back to Kaitie’s room in tears but they were tears of joy this time. I felt free and secure with being single. I felt secure in knowing that I will have my happily ever after one day.

So what is this magical book? Well, it is the fairytale story of Kelsey and Kyle Kupecky. They grew up on different sides of the country but still found a way to each other. They met at one of Kyle’s concerts and from there, it was love. For them? It was a love story guided by God.

Kelsey and Kyle wrote this book for the girls who look for their fairytale by chasing the person and not God. The result of that chase includes a desire to have a sex appeal and a want for a high self esteem. But the girls get heart-broken because they are trying to please the media and society instead of God and essentially their epic love. It is important to remember that girls can always lean on God to find that epic love. There is always a hope for a future filled with love when God is involved. Kelsey and Kyle bravely share their love story and relationship stories that involve other people in this book. Their goal is to help girls decide to put God as a priority because that shows them how to value purity and love. Yes, it is normal to feel lonely and judged for putting your trust in God to guide you to your future love but it will be worth it. Finding the love of your life takes time and waiting for that love is better than getting your heartbroken and losing who you are.

This book helped me figure out who I am and what I want in a relationship. It showed me all of the positives in being single and how I need God’s blessing. In order to get that blessing, I need to put my faith in him and hold onto the values that I think are important in a relationship. Do I feel lonely sometimes? Yes. But do I put faith in God that I will find my epic love when I am ready? Damn Straight.

Everyone deserves to see themselves as a daughter of God who deserves nothing but the best and all of the love in the world.

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After living in 3 different countries including 3 different states in the USA, it is no surprise that Roisin Gibbons decided to come to the nation's capitol to pursue a career in Social Work at CUA. Whil she did run away to Australia, her love for DC and the HC family brought her back home. Now a semester away from her senior year, Roisin is a HerCampus CUA writer, Co-President of CSWNA, Active Minds Fundraising Chair, and Marketing Chair for NRHH. Along with that, her own blog and volunteer experiences, she finds time to be a fashionista, singer, adventurer, and model for GUS Vintage Goods in California over school breaks. Roisin hopes to make a difference for victims of human trafficking and alcohol and drug addiction as a Social Worker and believes that her work with communities and blogging has put her ahead of the game. 
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