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Kevin Nader ’16

Name: Kevin Nader

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Hollywood, Florida

Campus Activities: Baseball, Tau Beta Pi

Relationship Status: Single ;)


3 words to describe yourself:

“Smart, trustworthy, and well-rounded”


Favorite TV show:

House of Cards


Celebrity crush:

Eva Longoria


Go-to karaoke song:

“Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe


Best pick-up line:

“Have you ever met someone who is smart AND attractive?….Hi I’m Kevin”


Guilty pleasure:

“Desserts, it’s bad…”


First thing you notice on a girl:

Nice physique


Favorite chick flick:



Biggest turn on:

“Intelligence…being able to hold a conversation”


Biggest turn off:

Bad manners


Favorite Class at Catholic:


If you were a drink what would you be?

“Whiskey, on the rocks”


Dream Job:

“Professional Baseball player…but in reality, CEO of my own engineering firm”


Things you look for in a significant other:

Intelligence/good communication skills, trust, loyalty, family-oriented, independent, fit(a girl who likes water more than soda)


Life motto:

“All work and no play makes Kevin a dull boy”


Favorite music artist:

Kanye West


Fun Fact:

“I have four brothers, oldest being 35 and youngest 9”


Favorite Movie:



Where do you see yourself in ten years?

“Jr. CEO of an Engineering firm, waiting for my boss to retire and pass it down to me”


What are your plans for spring break?

“Baseball spring trip in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina”


What is your ideal spring break trip?

“A trip to Cali”


If you weren’t going on the baseball trip, what would you be doing for spring break?

“I’d be posting up in Miami”

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