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Freshman year of college, I dated someone for seven months before breaking up on the first day of Sophomore year. The relationship is not something that I regret, however I do regret what happened afterwards. Sophomore year involved months of a terrible breakup followed by one night where I agreed to talk. After talking for an hour, he kissed me and months of us being ‘exes with benefits’ followed. After cutting that off the ‘relationship’, I went abroad and reached out when I got back. We spent a few weeks talking on and off. After I decided to end things again, things went silent and then the calls started. Whenever he drinks or gets sad, I get a phone call. I never take them seriously no matter what he says. Even when he told me the ‘truth’ about us breaking up. 

I thought the calls were funny at first. I think it’s because I have the control over these situations and phone calls. However, I’ve realized I will never be in control until I let go and move on. It’s not fair for either of us. Unfortunately, one person does not know that limit until it is too late. But my dad once told me that relationships end for a reason and fighting that or trying to change it only has one ending, hurt. So protect your heart and let go of the past. 

After living in 3 different countries including 3 different states in the USA, it is no surprise that Roisin Gibbons decided to come to the nation's capitol to pursue a career in Social Work at CUA. Whil she did run away to Australia, her love for DC and the HC family brought her back home. Now a semester away from her senior year, Roisin is a HerCampus CUA writer, Co-President of CSWNA, Active Minds Fundraising Chair, and Marketing Chair for NRHH. Along with that, her own blog and volunteer experiences, she finds time to be a fashionista, singer, adventurer, and model for GUS Vintage Goods in California over school breaks. Roisin hopes to make a difference for victims of human trafficking and alcohol and drug addiction as a Social Worker and believes that her work with communities and blogging has put her ahead of the game. 
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