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Issa Lifestyle: Your Guide To A Successful Brunch In D.C.

Brunch season (or szn) is quickly approaching. Some people brunch all year round no matter what the weather is, but for  me there is nothing like going to brunch on a Saturday or Sunday mid afternoon where the temperature is about 75- 80 degrees. From the bottomless mimosas to the fire “brunch fits” to the people, the brunch experience in D.C. is a total vibe. As you can tell as you are reading this, I take brunch very seriously. I always say, “if it aint bottomless it aint worth it”. I just made that up, but I really won’t go to a brunch if it is not bottomless. Because what is the point but here are some tips to have a successful brunch in D.C.

  1. Choosing The Restaurant

You just cannot brunch anywhere, luckily being in D.C. gives you the opportunity to try several different places to have a bottomless mimosa brunch. There’s so many restaurants with so many kinds of cuisine, locations and even brunch deals that there really so many options for you to choose from. No shade but a lot of people at this school tend to brunch at the same places but me I like to go places no one has ever heard about because that’s the beauty of being in D.C.2.

2. Know Your Budget

As a broke college student, brunch is really a luxury. Yes, there are cheap decent priced brunches but, you are dropping some smooth 40- 50 dollars on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. So, when you are deciding on where to go, look at their bottomless brunch specials and see if they are worth your coin. I usually like the ones where it is all inclusive, so for example at Medium Rare you are paying 23 dollars for an all-inclusive brunch of a starter, entrée and bottomless mimosas! (Thank me later).

3. The Food

Clearly, if you are going to be throwing back mimosas left and right you need to have some good food to back you up(hmm, not sure if those were the right choice of words). Anyways, FOOD IS KEY. Just like ant fun night at the bar or club you want a nice jumbo slice, right? Well, that same idea applies to brunch. Sometimes you are going to go to different brunch spots because of the mimosas (because they are strong and good) and you can tolerate mediocre food. But, I went to one place in Dupont where they gave me cold not all that great food and I never said anything. Don’t ever do anything like that. If the food is not good, say something.

4.The Brunch “Fit”

I keep telling y’all brunch is a lifestyle. I normally look bummy when I am at school but when it is time for me to go out or dress up on a special occasion, oh I show out! Brunch is my number 1 go to “showing out” function. Especially when the weather starts breaking during the spring time, Oh its really over for y’all! In the winter I like to go online shopping and find clothes that would be perfect for brunch. Because let’s be real: there is nothing like you and your girls getting all dressed up, wearing your Sunday ( or Saturday’s best) and hitting the D.C. streets.5

5. Location! Location! Location!

Location is KEY! Like I said earlier, there are so many places in D.C. to have brunch so its all about where you want to go, popular places are DuPont, Capital Hill area and downtown ( Chinatown area) BUT DO NOT SLEEP ON U STREET. Safe to say, I blacked out on my 21st birthday brunch at a restaurant on U street and there are so many restaurants around there with amazing bottomless brunch deals! Rooftops are also something you want to keep in mind when looking for a place to brunch especially during the spring and summer time because the view duh. And there is nothing like being outside and having brunch with your friends plus you gonna be drunk, your gonna have a fire fit onso you know what this means.. PHOTOSHOOT FOR DA GRAM!!

I hope this guide helps anyone who’s struggling to have a good brunch in D.C. because truly if you live in D.C. you should never have to experience a bad brunch.

A Baltimore girl who is exploring all of what DC has to offer. A lover of food and all things relating to Beyonce.
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