HC CUA visits Girls in Action

This week, members of Her Campus CUA went to visit the girls of Girls in Action at the Beacon House right up the street from our University. Girls in Action is an afterschool program for girls aged 7-13 which organizes different learning events and activities focused around empowering and supporting these ambitious students. 

Each week a group of CUA students heads over to talk to the girls and plans lessons, such as yoga, healthy eating, positive body image and so on. When it came time for us to put together a plan, we decided to give them the opportunity to do what we at HC CUA do on a weekly basis. 

We took turns interviewing the girls, and then gave them the chance to interview us back and write down our answers. The girls loved to share their interests and dreams with us, and above all - what their favorite color is and who their favorite celebrity is (Hint: it was mostly Beyonce.) 

It was incredible to hear that some of the girls recognized a few of us from when we visited the previous year, it really shows how much they value our prescence and the impact we have on these beautiful girls every time we go.