Having Control Over Your Emotions

As we know, sometimes we feel that our feelings and emotions control us and not us, but we see that there are people who have better skills to lead their lives satisfactorily. It is possible then that you wonder why you cannot control your emotions and they can. Well, they have what we call emotional skills, and these allow them to manage their lives more pleasantly and efficiently. Emotional intelligence is what will enable us to develop better in each area of our life, without getting stressed and overcoming the obstacles that arise. But you might ask yourself, how do I make my emotions always positive ones? Keep in mind that no one is free to have negative feelings, even having an emotional intelligence developed. Since emotions - both positive and negative - will always be present, the secret is to identify them and know why they are there to be able to carry them as appropriate. By identifying each of our emotions we can know what is worrying or make us feel good, and with this, we can have better relationships with the people around us and, even more, success in every area of our life (even in labor).

A person who knows how to manage his emotions has a successful life, and not so much for his intelligence or decisions, but because he knew what he had to do to control each one of them without them doing everything in his life. Because, unfortunately, a person with little emotional control may feel that their life is not worth much or even feel unsuccessful. Since negative emotions, such as anxiety and stress, can bring us great repercussions, both physically and mentally, if they are not controlled since they appear. For example, anxiety affects us directly in our body, feeling a knot in the stomach or the inability to breathe, so it is necessary to identify where this stress comes from and find ways to know how to handle it. Knowing how to control our emotions makes us feel more capable of facing different challenges, keeps us healthy, moves us away from disorders such as depression, helps us to have better relationships with others, and can avoid the negative consequences such as drastic mood swings since these affect our interpersonal relationships. 

It is interesting to know how to identify all of them to understand their nature and control them. This will be the only way to be able to serene on certain occasions, for example, when we feel fear for something irrational. If we understand where this fear is born from, we will learn to control it. Thus, the control of emotions is essential to overcome, for example, specific phobias, such as fear of flying, small spaces or even spiders. If we let our emotions take over our being, our mind will stop working rationally; we will be at the mercy of what we feel in each moment, making decisions that are entirely impetuous and not at all reflective. Also, it should be noted that learning to control our emotions will also provide us with social tools; and is that when you understand where your feelings are born and how to handle them, you also develop a most impressive skill, empathy. Thus, in the future, when we identify a particular emotion in another person we will know how to behave with them and how to advise or comfort them. 

We must, therefore, understand that people who have a superior ability to control their emotions will be much happier because they can better meet their needs and master the mental habits that can lead to that state of positivity. However, those people who can not control them will be immersed in an emotional spiral that will prevent them from concentrating and thinking at each moment with clarity.