DC Restaurant Spotlight: Uprising Muffin Company

I found out about Uprising Muffin Company through a classmate when I was looking for Black Owned Business in DC. Owned by Donnie Simpson J.R., son of the DC radio legened Donnie Simpson, this muffin shop opened in 2013. It is ocated in the Shaw neighborhood, right next to the metro station when you get off the Howard U-Shaw station on the green line. Before I had my film documentary interview with him, I decided to check it out for myself over the weekend and plus I wanted to try these delicious muffins! Its a small coffee shop like restaurant but the ambiance is amazing. I walked into the store and the first thing I heard was "Pyramids" by Frank Ocean, I was hooked. Walking up to the front I was looking at all of the choices of muffins: chocolate chips, a cranebrry, a maple syrup pancake flavor and so much more. I decided to be basic that day though and go with a Chocolate Chip Muffin. LET ME TELL Y'ALL ABOUT THIS MUFFIN. Now I am not a big muffin person, I usually eat them every once in a while but this muffin was so good! It was warm, soft and dont kill me for saying this but moist too. It was relatively pretty big too and I took some of it home with me. Inside, there are seats where you can relax and study. I came by myself and I saw these two big leather chairs so I decided to sit there and in front of me on the wall I saw my favorite Biggie Smalls quote " Stay far from timid only make moves when ya hearts in it and live the phrase sky's the limit", I screamed. Also throughout the walls were other inspirational song lyrics and the hashtags " rise up" and "uprising".

I just sat and looked around the restaurant and the music was just taking me in. It went from more Frank Ocean to Eric Benet and Tamia's "spend my life"  duet which took me out because not only do I love that song but that was my brother and my sister in law's first dance( tears!!!). All in All, Uprising Muffin Company it was awesome little muffin shop not far from CUA via metro or by car, I took a uber and it only took about seven minutes! plus its in the shaw Neghborhood which is a really hip neighborhood, with nice restaurants and stores and around Howard University. Definitely go there very soon!