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Campus Profile: Pat Fandel

Patrick (Pat) Fandel is a senior Politics Major from a small beach town in Massachusetts called Scituate. He is a fun loving guy who charms everyone with his direct and sarcastic personality. Pat is an extremely active individual on campus, he is on the executive boards for CUAllies and Student Government here at Catholic University. Additionally, he is involved with college democrats and is going to be our first male contributing writer for hercampus!


How do you think you will be able to connect to the female population on campus?

Pat: “I am big on creating a connection between different types of people while also building bridges between various groups with interchanging beliefs. Having worked under two strong females for SGA I have been exposed to the thought process and mindset of the female population and am able to connect with them. I feel as though women’s voices are not always heard and I want to be able to connect and share the opinions and ideas with vast population on campus”.  

Why did you want to join hercampus?

Pat: “I have always wanted to write and be apart of a newspaper or blog type platform, however the other outlets that were available to write for did not allow me as much freedom as hercampus. I enjoy hearing about and reading the different articles that have been showcased on the website because it is a variety of different topics and I find it fun and interesting to read”.  


How do you feel about being the only male on our all female staff for hercampus?

Pat: “ I am excited to work with a group of hardworking and dedicated women! Being the only male will be an interesting change because what tends to occur in society is that females are the ones breaking into large corporations that are predominantly male. It will be an interesting experience to be emerged in an environment where women are the majority, I look forward to collaborating with people who can provide insight on certain aspects of life that I otherwise have not experienced before”.


How did you hear about hercampus?

Pat: “Throughout my time here at CUA I have had friends who have written for her campus and have been largely involved with the organization of the website. Many of the people who write articles for hercampus tend to post the link to the article and share it on their social media accounts as well”.


What are you most interested in writing about for hercampus?

Pat: “Since it is an election year, studying the main concerns of the readers and gaining insight into people’s perspectives on what is going on with the world and the millennial population. The approach I want to take is to gather information from the peer groups and young professionals on what the issues and concerns are of the women in our society to better build a connection between our campus in general… I also love a good gossip story”.


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