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Beating the Mid-Semester Slump

Midterm season can lead to a huge mid-semester slump and a rather unproductive fall. If you’re floundering in midterms and you’re brain just seems to be in the wrong headspace, follow these five steps to help conquer your mid-semester slump.

Get Motivated

It’s easier said than done. Personally, I find the best motivation comes through Pinterest. Simply scrolling through your feed and perusing through some fall outfits is enough to put me in a fall-mood. If plaid scarves and brown boots don’t get you into the fall mood, then try creating a Pinterest board of your own of things you enjoy.

Set a Goal

Sometimes, you just need to make it through one day, one week, and then one month. If things aren’t going as you planned, the motto “just make it to Friday” will often give you the push to get there. Find an event that is exciting and work your way there. A nearby concert or festival can drive you through the pile of schoolwork. 


While this doesn’t seem like a very productive method, water boosts both skin health and cushions the brain, according to Medical News Today. In the long run, drinking water will help prevent breakouts from the stress of papers and projects and protect your brain from dehydration, allowing for a more cognizant, productive mood. 

Turn Off the Notifications

It’s hard to resist checking social media every time your phone buzzes with a notification. FOMO (fear of missing out) is compelling enough to distract you from many important assignments. This step requires self-control. Allow yourself to miss the group chat texts or the latest meme on Twitter in favor of a 4.0GPA. This step starts by silencing all notifications, creating an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that will allow you to focus better on school work. 

Take a Deep Breath

The stress of leaving a lazy summer behind in favor of the rigor of academia can be overwhelming. Remember to take a deep breath whenever things seem to become too much. Try to look on the positive side as much as you can. If things get to be too much, taking several deep breaths and letting out the negative energy can keep you calm in times of panic or distress. Always remember there is something better coming. 

Current Architecture student at the Catholic University of America and proud published author of Unravel by Kat Kade. President and Campus Correspondent for CUA's Her Campus Chapter and Business Manager of The Tower Newspaper.
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