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ABROAD TAKEOVER: Irish Cuties, Anna and Grace

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CUA chapter.
This week’s campus cuties are two lovely ladies that are studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland AND interning with the Irish Government. Grace and Anna are two beautiful and ambitious women who are doing it big this semester in Europe.
Grace McCaffrey and Anna O’Neill in Northern Ireland

Name:Grace McCaffrey 



HometownHopkinton, New Hampshire 

Name: Anna O’Neill


Major:Spanish and Political Science

Hometown:Lower Merion, Pennsylvania 

1) Why did you select the Irish Parliamentary Study Abroad Program and are you happy with your choice? 
Grace: “I selected the Irish Parliamentary Program because I always wanted to study abroad and this program allowed me to also participate in my major by interning in the Irish Parliament, an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have. I’m so happy with my choice! I couldn’t ask for a better experience studying abroad or with my internship.” 
Anna: “I picked this program because I wanted to both study and work in a new country and also chips. I am Having an amazing time and made some amazing friends.”
2) Ireland is known for it’s beautiful landscapes and scenery. What is your favorite spot you have visited thus far? 
Grace: “I spent my midterm break traveling around Ireland with my parents who came to visit. Although everywhere I went was beautiful, I really enjoyed the Ring of Kerry, as well as the coastal areas of County Cork.” 
Anna: “My favorite place has been the Wicklow mountains. They’re  gorgeous and full of history but more importantly the backdrop for P.S. I love you.”
Anna O’Neill on the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge
3) Describe the best meal you had while abroad.
Grace: ” My host mom is a pastry chef, so all my meals are great! But I’m especially a fan of her homemade eclairs.” 
Anna: “No disrespect to Irish food but the best meal I had involved 6 plates of perfect tapas and two large glasses of sangria in a little place called Sensi in Barcelona.”
4) What European fashion trend do you now have in your closet? 
Grace: “Boots and scarves! The weather in Ireland isn’t known for being the best, and the women here have learned how to stylishly make their wardrobes work for the weather.”
Anna: “Not entirely sure if this is exactly European but I’ve definitely adopted the purple lipstick and black bootie life.”
Grace McCaffrey in London working her boots and scarf
5) What would be your ideal date in Ireland? 
Grace: “Going to one of the many pubs in temple bar, and walking around the River Liffey, the lights on the river are beautiful at night!”
Anna: “It would involve food, specifically getting a falafel wrap from the Dun Laogahaire market and walking along the pier.”
6) What is your favorite pub song? 
Grace: “Galway Girl, I have to sing along whenever it’s played.”
Anna: “Galway Girl!!”
7) If you could describe Irish men in one word, what would it be? 
Grace: “As they say in Ireland, “cheeky”.”
Anna: “Grand”


Briana Bee is a senior at the Catholic University of America. She is completing her Bachelor's Degree in American Political Science with a Minor in Public Health Policy and Theology. Briana has interned for Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, PA State Senate, and Irish Parliament. She is extremely passionate about women's rights, health and nutrition, current issues, and her lipstick. Briana joined HerCampus CUA because she wants to raise awareness on important topics and be a voice for women and the greater CUA community. 
Raised in Winchester, Massachusetts, Katherine is a Marketing major at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.. She  has a passion for yoga, traveling, skiing, her dogs, and pasta. In addition to being the Co-Founder and Co-Correspondent of Her Campus CUA, she works at an Irish Pub on Capitol Hill.  She hopes Her Campus will unite the women of CUA and she attempts to occassionally bring femininity and the dynamics of living in Washington, D.C. into her articles.