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Not only are the Patriots the most talented team in the NFL, they’re also the best looking. Fret not this Valentine’s Day single ladies, there are enough (pictures of) Pats players to go around. 

5. LeGarrette Blount 

Hailing from The University of Orgeon, Blount is a hard-nosed running back who is difficult to tackle. With popular sayings such as “Blount Force Trauma” and “Keep the Blount Rolling”, it’s pretty impossible not to love him. 

4. Danny Amendola

Wide Receiver, Danny Amendola is smokin’ hot. Texas Tech alum, Amendola played for the Rams before the Pats signed him in 2013. He’s known to be injury prone, but has managed to stay healthy while on the Pats. 

3. Julian Edelman

Edelman, my personal favorite, played college football for Kent State and the College of San Mateo. Uniquely, Edelman is a 7th round pick quarterback turned slot receiver. Known as Wes Welker’s replacement, Edelman is a tough player who can play through massive hits.

I think I speak for all Edelman fans when I say, we sleep better at night knowing Julian Edelman roams the streets of Boston unmarried. 


2. Rob Gronkowski

Whether you like the Pats or hate the Pats, you love Gronk. Measuring in at a subtle 265 lbs, 6’6”, the former University of Arizona player is now the tight end for the Pats, who no one can seem to cover. Gronk is too fast to be a linebacker and too big to be a defensive back; it’s safe to say he’s beloved by NFL fans around the country. 

1. Tom Brady 

I mean, obviously. 6th round pick from Michigan, Tom Brady replaced a hurt Drew Bledsoe and never looked back. The definition of an underdog, Brady was barley drafted and proved to become the best quarterback of all time. With 4 superbowl titles under his belt, Brady is known for leading late fouth quarter game winning drives. Modest, respected, and driven are all words that are used regularly when referring to Tom Brady. Despite having the hottest wife in the entire world, Gisele Bundchen, we shall admire from a far.