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12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an extraordinary organization that works to help others receive a “hand up not a hand out” by building or restoring homes for those who cannot afford it. The organization is comprised of construction workers, community organizers, resource specialists, and volunteers who dedicate their time to help those in need and provide them with the most essential necessity: a home.

Myself and Roisin traveled with 18 other CUA students to Des Moines, Iowa during Spring Break to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and had one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of our lives. We hope that after reading this article, you too will consider serving with Habitat for Humanity.

You have the chance to create a family with people you might otherwise never meet.

We gained 18 new friends outside of our typical friend group that are now an extension of our family.

You get to go to a new place and experience all they have to offer.

Des Moines, Iowa might not sound as appealing as Cancun but each city or region you travel to with Habitat will end being special and possibly somewhere you would have never visited before.

You learn how to physically build a home and use industrial tools.

We can now add that to our resume!

You can get all of your stress and frustration out while making something useful.

Nothing is more relieving than swinging a hammer.

You get to change someone’s life.

We built a ramp for a woman who can no longer use her legs and now she does not have to worry about falling or taking the stairs.

You allow yourself to be vulnerable and grow as in individual.

You will discover your weaknesses and strengths but at the same time be challenged to grow significantly in just one week.

You get to reflect about your own life and learn about others as well.

Sometimes it is important to hear life stories of others to remember your blessings.

You can experience service goggles. ;)

Just a heads up, construction managers can be nice eye candy for a week.

You get to master the talent of taking a 5min shower. (That is harder than it sounds).

Essentially, mastering to live simply.

You get to learn to treat others with dignity and respect.

“I believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and worth. Helping build a ramp for someone so they could stay in their home allowed me to give that family the treatment and respect that they deserve.” -Roisin

You get a chance to go outside of your comfort zone.

“I climbed to a top of a ladder with an industrial staple gun to complete siding. I was terrified but now I feel as though I can accomplish anything that scares me.” -Briana

You get to have FUN.

Trust us on this one, go on a Habitat for Humanity trip and you will understand.

Briana Bee is a senior at the Catholic University of America. She is completing her Bachelor's Degree in American Political Science with a Minor in Public Health Policy and Theology. Briana has interned for Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, PA State Senate, and Irish Parliament. She is extremely passionate about women's rights, health and nutrition, current issues, and her lipstick. Briana joined HerCampus CUA because she wants to raise awareness on important topics and be a voice for women and the greater CUA community. 
After living in 3 different countries including 3 different states in the USA, it is no surprise that Roisin Gibbons decided to come to the nation's capitol to pursue a career in Social Work at CUA. Whil she did run away to Australia, her love for DC and the HC family brought her back home. Now a semester away from her senior year, Roisin is a HerCampus CUA writer, Co-President of CSWNA, Active Minds Fundraising Chair, and Marketing Chair for NRHH. Along with that, her own blog and volunteer experiences, she finds time to be a fashionista, singer, adventurer, and model for GUS Vintage Goods in California over school breaks. Roisin hopes to make a difference for victims of human trafficking and alcohol and drug addiction as a Social Worker and believes that her work with communities and blogging has put her ahead of the game. 
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