Your Next Movie Night Flick is Here

Think Sex and the City meets The Devil Wears Prada and you’ll get Confessions of a Shopaholic, a 2009 film adapted from the Shopaholic series by U.K. writer Sophie Kinsella. Need reasons to add this to your movie night list?? Look no further!

  1. 1. It’s all about female empowerment

    Rebecca Bloomwood doesn’t know anything about finance, yet her quirkiness, charisma, and determination lands her a job in unfamiliar territory with a savings magazine. Yet, somehow, she finds herself at big conferences talking to heads of companies because of her honesty and relatability. She’s following her dream in fashion and continues to move up the corporate ladder and make her way as a woman who believes in herself. 

  2. 2. Isla Fischer’s hair is amazing to look at

    If this movie doesn’t make you want to go right to the salon to dye your hair, I’m not sure what does.

  3. 3. Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon is also amazing to look at

    Nothing like a nice British man with a financial job to get ya goin’ (he also knows how to tango AND wanted to start fresh away from the name of his famous family, daww).

  4. 4. Bex and Suze have the best friendship

    Everyone needs a friend that will love you at your worst (closet overflowing) and your best (landing your dream authoring job). And you also probably need a friend that will bring out the tequila to pay your skyrocketing credit card bills with you.   

  5. 5. Talk about outfit inspo!

    This is all about dressing for the job you want. Rebecca Bloomwood dresses like that every day, and it makes her stand out. You never know who you are going to meet, so why not dress to impress?  

  6. 6. The power of networking

    There is tremendous power in YOU. Rebecca was leaving impressions on people without even realizing it. People were drawn to her without her trying. Rebecca Bloomwood is the perfect combination of awkward and honest, managing to charm executives left and right. If you need confirmation that being you is more than enough, this is it.  

  7. 7. Responsible finances, though

    But seriously, watch your credit card debt, even if the allure of malls is too tempting to resist.   

Grab your girlfriends, a pint of ice cream, and your couch, and turn this gem on. It’s the feel-good movie you didn’t know you needed.