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You Need to be Reading Morning Brew Right Now

No, this is not a Morning Brew ad. I wish it was (Morning Brew, if you’re reading this, I’d love to be your intern, or something, anything). For a few months now, I’ve been receiving a cheery little email in my inbox every morning from Morning Brew. Is it weird that I feel prompted to write an article on a newsletter? Perhaps.

Shameless plug, use this link to get subscribed now!   

  1. 1. Their newsletters are funny, like actually.

    In these weird, uncertain times, Morning Brew is leaning into that with even funnier (I know, it’s not a word), relatable content. It’s written with wit, cultural references, snark, and general sarcasm that permeates your Gmail inbox.

  2. 2. Morning Brew's Twitter is equally as funny.

    Even though I read the article right before I check Twitter every morning, why do I still read the same news from their Twitter account? Because it’s funny STILL.

  3. 3. It’s great to feel ~in the know~

    There is simply nothing like schooling one of your friends on something current because YOU read Morning Brew this morning. Also, you feel just way better knowing what’s going on in the world.

  4. 4. Morning Brew keeps you accountable for reading.

    With weekly quizzes and crossword puzzles relating to the topics from the week, you feel really down when you can’t answer any of them because it turns out you just scrolled through the whole newsletter without actually reading any of it. Also, I just feel bad if I don’t! Like, it’s super hip and easy to understand and relatively short as far as news goes so what could my excuse possibly be? 

  5. 5. There are cool sponsored ads.

    If you thought sponsored ads that are so obviously sponsored were annoying and out-of-style, think again. These are relevant products that I click on more times than not.

  6. 6. They also have a podcast!

    If you don’t like to read your news, or you’ve become obsessed with podcasts (possibly ones like Her Campus’s BoldHer podcast???), check out Business Casual, Morning Brew’s podcast series discussing various business issues with leaders in the industry.

  7. 7. Oh wait, there’s more!

    There are *multiple* newsletters! Maybe mainstream news isn’t for you, you’re loyal to another source (I won’t try and change you...I guess), or you have a specific interest. There are three other newsletters: Emerging Tech Brew, Retail Brew, and The Turnout (where politics meet business, ooo).

  8. 8. The news is diverse.

    Has this felt business heavy? I’m sorry, but as a business major, I love their news on the latest M&As, stock trends, earnings, and more. But they truly cover everything, there is something for everyone in the newsletter!

I’m notorious for deleting those daily emails I get from various retailers (why am I subscribed to MLB?), job sites, even my university sometimes. Yet Morning Brew is the one I’ll never delete without reading (is it concerning that sometimes I feel guilty deleting it because I like it so much? Don’t want to hurt the Brew’s feelings xoxo). In case you missed the link earlier, SUBSCRIBE NOW. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.