You in 2017 VS You in 2018 - As Told By Elle Woods



It’s 2018, new year, new you! What better way to kickstart looking ahead to your goals for the upcoming year than a 2017 VS 2018 self comparison told by none other than Elle Woods.



Your self doubt in 2017 VS You loving and supporting yourself in 2018


You caring about what other people think in 2017 VS You living how you wanna live, just bein yourself, and not even thinking about other people’s opinions of you in 2018



You not caring for your body in 2017 VS You being active regularly and pursuing your best self in 2018


Your friends loving and supporting you in 2017 VS Your friends still loving and supporting you in 2018


You sabotaging yourself in 2017 VS You pursuing all of your goals and dreams in 2018



You letting people walk all over you in 2017 VS You not taking anyone’s BS and calling people out on their bad behavior in 2018


You not acknowledging your value in 2017 VS You showing everyone just how valuable you can be in 2018


You focusing on the wrong things in 2017 VS You with your priorities straight in 2018


So as we begin our journey into 2018, always remember




Elle and Bruiser