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Women In Sport: A Look at Organizations Promoting Equality in Sports News

This article will help you learn more about some organizations that promote women in sports through advocacy and education.

Black Girl Hockey Club

BGHC is a non-profit organization focused on making hockey more inclusive for Black women and communities. Their work encompasses educational community events and fundraising for scholarships for young Black athletes. They also run the Get Uncomfortable campaign, which is a pledge to disrupt racism on and off the ice and make hockey more welcoming for everyone, partnering with hockey teams at all levels.

Just Women’s Sports

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It’s what’s on the tin, y’all. This weekly newsletter rounds up information exclusively on women’s sports and female athletes at every level from the Olympics to the NCAA. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with women at work in the sports industry. Subscribe to their email updates here and try their podcast if you like listening to incredible athletes talk about what it’s like to be badasses.

Play It Forward Sport

If you’ve heard about the newest NWHL team, the Toronto Six, no doubt you’ve heard about their amazing and hilarious coach, Digit Murphy. Her non-profit foundation is dedicated to advancing gender equality by creating opportunities and sharing the inspiration of women’s sports. Their ambassadors lead the way through their two programs, “See It Be It” and “Campus Kids”, by educating, fundraising, and inspiring the next generation of female athletes.

Her Sport

Looking for international news? Follow “Her Sport”, Ireland’s only media group dedicated to female athletes and girls in sports. They produce content on all social media platforms and write articles that cover many relevant topics, like Scotland becoming the first country to provide free menstrual products. This is your one-stop site for international news by and for women.

Women’s Sports Foundation

If you don’t already know tennis star Billie Jean King, give her speech from the recent PWHPA game at Madison Square Garden a listen. Her foundation runs The Equity Project Pledge and drives critical advocacy for girls and women in sports at all levels, including coaches. They provide consulting for Title IX Compliance and specialized education and resources for LGBTQ+ athletes. This is your new hub for information when it comes to learning about equality in sports.


This 3x weekly newsletter is women-founded and created each week delivering highlights about women’s (and men’s) sports leagues in about five minutes. Their work is important in a world where only 14% of sports journalists are women and “The GIST” is dedicated to changing that tune. Subscribe to their email updates here and follow their Instagram for other great, often hilarious, content.

The Denver Women’s Sports Collective

Dialing into local news is major for anyone looking to work in the sports and entertainment industry. Luckily, DWSC is here with a mission: to become the leading resource for connections, empowerment, education, career development, and support. With volunteer opportunities, a podcast, and more on the horizon, this membership is a must-have, especially at their awesome student rate. I previously interviewed their Events Chair, Sharyl Morrison, for a previous HCCU article. When you sign up, tell them we sent you!

These are only a few of the amazing organizations that are working toward a better future for women in sports. Take the time this month to learn more about these topics and spread the news about female athletes and their accomplishments!

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