A ~Winter Vibes~ Playlist to Get You Through Finals Week

As we all await the arrival of finals with a certain amount of dread, we can't help but remember that the holidays are also around the corner. Everyone loves the holidays - even if you aren't a fan of all of the ridiculous holiday cheer, peppermint drinks, and present giving, at least it's a long break from school. Personally, I would play Christmas music all year round if it was socially acceptable. However, I'm a sane human being who knows that it's not socially acceptable, so I've put together a playlist of songs that will give you a certain cozy holiday feel without being strictly defined as "holiday music". 



These songs are acoustic/alternative enough to listen to at any time of year, but I find they all have a certain vibe that makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch movies with my dog as snow falls outside. (That might be a bit specific, but hey, it's a #mood.) This one's for all of us struggling through dead week - let this playlist remind you that better, cozier days are ahead.