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This fall I’m sure you will all see tons of ads and campaigns saying, “vote for this,” “vote for that,” and it might feel overwhelming! Whatever party, or lack thereof, that you identify with, the important component of elections is using your voice. So I wanted to give you all a quick bipartisan reminder of why you should vote in this (and every other) election season.

It is your civil duty.

Whether it's a large vote like the presidential election in November or smaller elections in off years, whenever there is an election it is your civil responsibility to vote for the changes you want to see (or not see). Not voting is giving up your voice!

Elections have consequences.

Although you’ll hear a lot of pessimism about the outcome of elections, they do have consequences. In the last presidential election, more than 100 million people who were eligible to vote chose not to. Had these people chosen to vote and use their voice, outcomes might have been different; whether you would have personally preferred or not preferred the outcome, the numbers would have been interesting to see. Please don’t be one of these statistics who didn’t vote!

Here is another interesting source for voter breakdown in the 2016 Presidential Election as well.

Voting oftentimes deals with your money.

This year on the Colorado Ballot, there are several propositions that would directly affect your money and where tax money goes. Whether it is Proposition 116 that decreases the state income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.55%, or Proposition EE that increases taxes on tobacco with revenue going towards education and health programs, these propositions could directly affect you. Your say on these matters is important, and you should vote for what you believe in.

Voting is an opportunity for change.

I’ve seen multiple posts on Instagram talking about voting as though you didn’t have the privilege that you do, and this is a great reason for taking this opportunity to enact change. Whatever ideologies you identify with, this is a time for you to push for change you want to see. Do you want increased healthcare access? Increased military spending? All of this depends on what you choose to vote on!

Please, as we go into this election season, use your voice and vote! If you’re not currently registered or need to update your mailing address, here is a good place to start

Reach out to your representatives, advocate for your beliefs, be educated about your topics, and don’t be afraid to change your mind! Life is all about learning, and an election season is a great opportunity to learn more about causes you are passionate about and reaffirm your political stances!

Katelynn Hughes

CU Boulder '21

Katelynn is currently a senior at CU Boulder, double majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Business. She is an undergraduate student researcher studying alcohol use in adolescence and has worked with public policy around juvenile justice. She currently serves as the Events Director for the CU chapter on the Senior Exec board. In her free time she loves movie nights with her girl squad and cuddling with her poodle.
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