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Why You Should Be Following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Social Media

The House of Representatives’ freshman class is one of the most diverse, female-driven classes we’ve ever seen; it’s no secret. And Congress’s sweetheart, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, affectionately known as AOC, is winning over the hearts of people everywhere. Whether it’s advocating for paid internships and paying people a living wage, or the Green New Deal, people are paying attention. And I’m here to tell you that if you aren’t already, you should maybe be giving her social media a follow. She does so much more than just serve looks so we can have quality reaction gifs on hand for every situation.


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AOC built a strong presence on social media during her 2018 campaign. But as a 29-year old, she’s no stranger to the social media world. Her Instagram account dates back to 2012, so she’s had years of practice before she even considered running.

So why should you give her accounts a follow?

Well, first of all, with the exception of Facebook, she runs her social media entirely by herself. AOC is actually the one behind the captions and curated feeds, not one of her staffers. In a political world that can sometimes feel so out of touch with our generation, that’s a refreshing fact. She knows how to use social media, and she knows how to use it well.

She’s already well-known on Twitter for always having the perfect comebacks, debunking fake news, all while also educating people on her platform and answering questions we all have, like, how do Congressional salaries work?


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But AOC isn’t just killing it on Twitter, of course. On her Instagram, she’s really into giving the public an inside look at what it’s like to serve on the House of Representatives. Whether it’s bringing us along with her as she went through freshman orientation or tours of the empty halls of Congress as she leaves her office after a long day, she’s pulling back the curtain on that huge thing we call the American government and bringing a little more transparency to what it’s like to be an active member of Congress.

One night, I got that little notification everyone gets when someone they follow is going on Instagram Live. I usually never actually watch anyone’s Live, but I was curious what AOC had to say at an out-of-the-office hour. Believe it or not, this Congresswoman was cooking lasagna and answering people’s questions about policies and other aspects of her life, personal and professional! AOC’s done plenty more “cook with me while I answer all your questions” sessions, and it’s seriously endearing to see such a public figure doing normal, everyday things.


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More than just politics though, AOC isn’t afraid to give some great tips and tricks to her followers. She’s given us her skincare routine:



Source // elle.com (supplied from Instagram)

Advocated for bringing the convenience of press-on nail manicures back (with the addition of a glass of wine, of course!):


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And she’s educated us about the psychology of having specific clothes to wear as pajamas:


Source // Daily Mail

As Corbin Trent, Ocasio-Cortez’s Director of Communications told Rolling Stone magazine, AOC’s goal is “to shed as much light on the process and to be as open and transparent as possible, to give people an insight into what a freshman Congressperson is like, to give them some insight into what their government’s like, and hopefully make [politics] seem less foreign and unapproachable”.

She’s so good at it, she’s even been asked for tips from her colleagues on how to be just as good as she is on social media. Here are her tried and true tips for using social media:

  • “Don’t try to be anybody who you’re not.”

  • “If you’re an older woman, talk like an older woman talks.”

  • “If you don’t know what a meme is, don’t post a meme.”

  • “Sometimes the culture here is to fit in and keep your heads low.” But “we don’t want to separate ourselves” from constituents on social media.

  • “Mute people but try not to block them.”

  • “Social media is not a press release. It’s not a press conference.”

  • “It’s not the kitchen that’s popular, or the cooking that’s popular, it’s that I’m engaging people doing something I’m already doing.”

So go give her a follow! And honestly, where else are you gonna go to get iconic photos of her and her squad??

Source // The Hill

Even if you don’t like her politics, getting a firsthand look at Congress is pretty cool, and who knows? You may even get a black bean soup recipe or a skincare tip out of it too!

Instagram handles: @ocasio2018 + @repocasiocortez

Twitter: @AOC

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