Why We Can’t Stop Thinking About A24’s New Film, Waves

A24’s new film Waves officially premieres on November 15th. However, thanks to CU’s A24 x CU Boulder and CU’s Program Council, CU students got a free pre-release screening on Sunday, November 10th and some of our Her Campus writers were lucky enough to go. The film, featuring an amazing soundtrack and intense emotions, left us feeling raw and full of reflective thoughts. Here’s what some of our Her Campus writers thought about the experience of Waves:


Waves left a massive impact on my thoughts and feelings. I left the theater feeling raw and woke up the next day still reflecting on the stories and relationships in the film. The soundtrack echoes a feeling of high school recklessness, while the relationships in the film ask the audience to reflect on a deeper understanding of societal pressure, familial pressure, and living with conflicting emotions. Overall, Waves is a film that will stick with me for a long time to come and a must-see film for our generation.”

-Louisa Brott


“I felt that the title of the movie gave an accurate depiction of the 'waves' of emotions one will go through riding through this movie. The whole movie overall was shot beautifully, well-produced, and incredibly well-acted. Not to mention, I thought the movie soundtrack was ABSOLUTELY amazing!”

-Alex Carlson


“Watching Waves is a full-body experience. Besides the powerful performances from the entire cast, the sound mixing and stunning cinematography break the wall between audience and actors, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the world of this film. Beautiful, tragic, intense and still humorous at times, this is one of A24’s best.”

-Emma D’Arcy


“From the music of this rising generation coming up from the bottom of our youth’s personal memories and breaking the silent moments of conflict within the film, to the vividly colorful cinematography that caused amounts of awe to rush through the audience, and everything in between, it represented our current and past generations in telling the story of modern-day familial and personal struggles within this country. This film brought an audience together with emotion by highlighting our highest conquests and the lowest pitfalls of our humanity. I believe Waves will be the film to know this upcoming year, and for years after that. For the first time in months, I found myself in a theatre where the entire audience, a melting pot of scholars, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, from a multitude of races, ethnicities, and cultures, came together and sat clutching at those closest to them, inches from the end of their seats, eyes wide with interest, because they were able to see themselves, and our own modern-day love stories, through the eyes that looked back at us from the screen.”

-Mara Balfour


Overall, we can all agree, A24’s newest film, Waves, is a must-see, and we’re still reeling from all the emotions that flowed through us in the theater on Sunday. Don’t forget to check out this incredible drama on November 15th, and bring the tissues or your best friend’s sleeve. You’ll need it.