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Why Netflix’s Sex Education Is More Important Than You May Think

If you’ve watched Sex Education on Netflix, then you know just how raunchy, hilarious, and charming the characters and story are. Aside from the fact that the show is entertaining, it employs a lot of extremely important concepts for young adults and adults alike. I can’t name one TV show that I had growing up that truly taught me about the struggles and mishaps of sex. Sex Education is exactly that: a beautiful and messy conglomeration of stories from teenagers experiencing “sexual awakenings”.


Sex Education follows a highschooler named Otis Milburn (played by Asa Butterfield) and his awkward journey through puberty. With his mom being a sex therapist, he constantly feels that he’s under a magnifying glass and this prevents him from being able to masturbate. This is a concept that usually surrounds the stigma of women and masturbation, but Sex Education applies it to the main male character, completely altering societal norms. Not only does this address an issue that women experience, but it presents men as being able to have the same issues that women have (yay equality!!). Leveling the playing field creates a sense of equality that is usually absent in mainstream tv shows.


Otis’ best friend, Eric, has his own storyline about embracing his sexuality while staying in touch with his religion and his family. He goes through an internal and external suppression of his identity and has to learn to accept not only himself but the cruelty of the world as well. The way that Eric's struggles are depicted in Sex Education is raw and realistic, making his story accessible to many.


When a picture of a vagina is mass-texted to everyone in Moordale High, rumors begin to fly and the unknown girl is threatened to be exposed. An empowering movement of women standing up for women prevents the girl from being exposed while proving the point that their vaginas are their vaginas, not anybody else’s.Source//Tumblr

Sex Education is about embracing your sexuality, no matter how the world may view you or how you may feel you’re supposed to act. Lily, a clarinet-playing, strong female supporting character, embodies the empowerment and confidence that all woman should feel free to have. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it, a concept that a lot of women are shamed out of embracing.


Sex Education is a pioneer when it comes to making the topic of sex visible and normal in mainstream media. This show hits all of the topics that our actual sex ed classes were too afraid to address. The most important message from Sex Education is that it's never too late to learn about your body and counter the stigma surrounding sex. It’s safe to say that we’re really looking forward to season two!

Nina Ryan

CU Boulder '21

Nina Ryan is a Sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Advertising and minoring in Technology, Arts, and Media. She can be found doing just about anything from seeing her favorite bands to finding the best angles of downtown Denver. Originally from Japan, Nina loves to travel and hopes to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to her writing!
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