Why Everyone Should Listen to King Princess

If you haven’t heard of King Princess, singer of Talia, and 1950, consider this a wake-up call. Making her debut in 2018, she is fresh to the music scene with a lot to say. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Her father owned a recording studio, so growing up she spent time there learning how to play several instruments, and many production techniques as well. She went to USC Thornton School of Music and dropped out after a year to pursue her music career, after writing her hit 1950 in the shower of her dorm.

You may have heard of her from Harry Styles, who tweeted lyrics from her song Talia and greatly helped build her fan base and shine a light on her as an up and coming musician. As a queer woman, her music highlights her position in the LGBTQ community, and gives her fans a place in it as well. She ties in religion and being a queer woman in her music, which is something not a lot of people feel comfortable doing. However, she sees being queer as a religious experience in itself. She has been asked about her choice of gendering her music, which she responds that straight musicians do that and no one cares, so why would it matter that a queer woman does?

She is a groundbreaking new artist, who is just beginning. Mark Ronson’s label just signed her, so we are sure to be seeing some new music of the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa, who Mark Ronson also works with closely. Not only is she and great musician, but she has a voice that she is using for good to represent the LGBTQ community. And fun fact, her great great grandparents died in the Titanic… not that that is fun. And, she’s currently dating actress Amanda Stenberg (not that who your dating adds value to who you are, it is just interesting).

She also has a great connection with her fan base. At her shows, she is known to share joints and has pens with her fans. She communicates with them a large amount in the shows, and releases lots of information about herself. She made the music video for her song Pussy is God in her basement with a green screen. She is just a young girl trying to make it big, with important things to say. I hope that this inspires you to listen and support King Princess, like we all should! Her music is available on all streaming platforms!

Thanks to tumblr for the great King Princess pictures.