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If you’re like me, you are always looking for cute masks, not to mention safe ones! I’ve compiled a list of some great brands that sell masks online. Some I have personally tried and others I have not.

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Dippin’ Daisy’s

This brand is one that I have personally tried and they are great in my opinion. Dippin’ Daisy’s is a swimwear brand that started selling face masks made from their swimwear material. Another thing that I love about them, as well, is that for every mask you buy, they donate one to a healthcare worker! With so many different patterns and a place for a filter, these are great masks. 

StevieSaintJohn on Etsy

This Etsy store has a whopping five stars on their store page. The store sells a huge amount of patterns on the masks and they even sell masks with and without filter pockets. According to Etsy buyers, these masks are well worth the buy.

Old Navy

A classic, Old Navy just released super affordable face mask bundles. They have triple-layer masks and even some with ear adjusters. Along with the previous stores, Old Navy also boasts a wide array of patterns and colors. If you’re looking for a super affordable option, definitely check them out.


This accessory brand released face masks that are just too cute to resist. They have different size bundles to choose from at affordable prices. They boast ear adjusters and are double layered. With so many styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect ones for you. 


This brand uses leftover material from the bags they make and sell their masks in bundles at good prices. They also donate masks for each bundle that is bought. There are many colors and bundles to choose from. Definitely check them out.

I hope that this was helpful and you were able to order some awesome and safe face masks! Remember, stay safe and wear your face mask! 

- Ivie

Ivie Maher

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Ivie is a junior studying political science. She loves dogs, bunnies, and ice cream. She loves the outdoors and feels right at home here in the mountains. You can catch her cooking green bean casserole (her favorite), finding new music, or writing her newest article.
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