What's Her Story? | Miss Colorado USA Emily DeMure

If you’re like me, you probably walk around campus and read about alumni and see amazing women doing amazing things and wonder, “What’s her story?” So, I decided to find out. Introducing “What’s Her Story,” an ongoing series profiling amazing women doing amazing things.  

A queen on and off the volleyball court, meet Emily DeMure, recently crowned Miss Colorado USA. 

Her Campus CU Boulder: Where did you grow up? What made you decide to come to CU?

Emily DeMure: I grew up in El Dorado Hills, California. Aside from volleyball and the school's academic prestige, I chose CU because of the location and weather. There are so many opportunities to be active such as hiking, skiing, and the farmers' markets in the summer. And we are only 40 minutes from Denver!

HCCU: When did you start competing in pageants? Do you remember your first one?

ED: Yes, I started in elementary school because I wanted to be like my mommy. My goal was to see what pageants were like as they were a big part of my mother's life that I didn't know about. My mom was Mrs. California and Mrs. West Coast International years back.

Photo courtesy of Emily DeMure

HCCU: How long have you been playing volleyball? Did you always want to play in college?

ED: It's been my dream since I was about ten, and I saw Misty May Trainer medal in the Olympics for beach volleyball. I knew then I wanted to play Division-I volleyball in the PAC-12. My mom is also a volleyball coach and club owner, so I've been playing for as long as I've been alive. My first official club season was a six-year old on Gold Cal Hrs. Training team.

Photo courtesy of Emily DeMure

HCCU: What was the journey to Miss Colorado USA? How did you prepare?

ED: My journey was different than most since I was managing school, volleyball, coaching, and volunteering during my preparation for the competition. I'm blessed to be part of a premier volleyball program to keep me in physical shape, so I focused more on interview and walking skills. Every night before bed for about three months, I would FaceTime my Grammie while walking on the treadmill, and she would ask me fake interview questions, so I could feel confident in my communication skills by the time of the pageant.

HCCU: I’m sure you get this a lot, but how do you manage pageantry and playing for a D1 volleyball team? 

ED: Prioritizing my time has been key. Everything I do is purposeful. Most weekends I am up until two a.m. studying or working on things for Miss USA. Any free time I do have is allocated to yoga, baking, or cleaning. The truth is that people will make time for what is important to them, and academics, athletics, and being an authentically relatable state representative are dear to my heart.

HCCU: What has been the most exciting thing you’ve been able to do since you were crowned? 

ED: Since crowned, I have worked with the Salvation Army, traveled to several states, attended Miss Universe in Atlanta, Georgia, and worked with the largest prom dress designer in the world, Sherri Hill. Recently, I attended a Denver Nuggets game as a special guest. At the game, I took the “first free throw shot” and was able to raise $1,600 for the non-profit Gold Crown Foundation supporting children and athletics! 

Photo courtesy of Emily DeMure

HCCU: You were just at the Miss Universe competition. Tell us about that!

ED: It was an incredible experience to sit in on such a huge event. I was able to meet numerous other state titleholders, celebrities, and professionals. All the women who were competing are intelligent and beautiful. I loved all the causes that were so deep in these women's hearts. Zozibini will be an amazing Miss Universe. Her stunning stature aside, she is so articulate and wonderfully embodies what it means to be ‘Confidently Beautiful’.


HCCU: It might be hard, but tell us one word to describe how you felt when you won Miss Colorado USA.

ED: Honored. All the women at my state's competition are beautiful and passionate, so it was an honor to be given the confidence by the judges and selection committee to represent Colorado at the national competition. 

Photo courtesy of Emily DeMure

HCCU: What is it like playing a sport for CU Boulder? Any cool things people may not know?

ED: Playing a Division-I sport is a big time commitment, but it provides you with a family. CU Boulder specifically provides tools for their athletes to be successful in the classroom which I truly appreciate. We have an entire academic center with tutors and study facilities.

HCCU: Are there women in the pageantry world that you look up to?

ED: Yes! Our current Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst. Watching her win Miss USA solidified my confidence in me being different. As a 6'1 red-head, I stand out in a crowd, but I am proud of it. Cheslie was also a Division-I athlete in college!


HCCU: What makes you proud to be a CU Buff?

ED: All the dedication and hard work that got me to be a CU Buff makes me very proud. 

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HCCU: What’s one thing you are looking forward to during the rest of your reign as Miss Colorado USA?

ED: I'm excited about teaching others about social stigmas and shedding light on the negative gender stereotypes facing female athletes. I look forward to being an educator for these topics and empowering people to pursue their passions regardless of these stigmas.


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