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What This Mercury in Retrograde Meant for Each Sign

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Mercury is in retrograde…for the third time this year. But don’t worry — this is the last mercurial retrograde of the year. The planet of communication began its retrograde motion in the sign of Libra, an air sign that represents harmony and partnership, on Sept. 9. Then it shifted into the sign of Virgo, an earth sign that represents organization and structure, on Sept. 23 and it will remain in that sign until the retrograde period is over on Oct. 2. Everyone feels the telltale symptoms of Mercury in retrograde, with cognitive function and communication failing to meet expectations, but there’s more to it.

Each sign is affected differently than the next, but the twelve houses are more directly impacted. Water signs, fire signs, earth signs, and air signs alike really went through it during this third round of Mercury in retrograde, but it is important to remember this shadow period is only temporary! So, how exactly was every sign affected? 


For the first half of the retrograde period, Mercury was posted in Aries’ seventh house of partnerships, causing past relationships and trauma to be brought up. While reminiscing on these events and relationships and deeply analyzing them, you may be reminded of the familiar hurt and disappointment you faced. Still, it is far more important to celebrate the healing path you are on now!

Mercury retrograded into Aries’ sixth house of health and wellbeing on Sept. 23, inciting a sudden feeling of disorganization and untimeliness, but this serves as a gentle push for you to create structure and continue practicing self-care and love. 

Takeaway: Aries, STOP wasting your energy on the little things and save that energy for something that is special to you.


Habits have been questioned. Mercury began its retrograde in Taurus’ sixth house of health and wellbeing, and suddenly, old habits were no longer serving the purposes they once did. In desperate need of a new self-care routine, you had to rethink the rituals and regimens you lived by, or your highest potential simply could not be reached.

Once Mercury entered the fifth house of romance and creativity, Taurus may have sought out better closure from previous relationships, particularly if there was little to none at all, but in a productive way that helps in rethinking the way you seek out pleasure and act on your desires.

Takeaway: If you’re not going to do it for anyone else, do it for YOURSELF, Taurus.


Gemini, I feel sorry for what this retrograde put you through! Ruled by Mercury, which was stationed in the fifth house of romance and creativity, you probably felt lackluster in your relationships or even disinterested, but your creativity and amiability stayed strong as ever.

As the planet continued to retrograde into the fourth house of home and family, Gemini may have felt some family-related wounds opening up, but as master communicators, you have every ability to talk to whomever you may have some history with.

Takeaway: Remember how CREATIVE you are, Gemini, and don’t give up if the excitement fades.


Mercury posted up in Cancer’s fourth house of home and family for the first half of its retrograde motion, and because of this, home just felt weird. Maybe there was some unrest among your family, or things were just piling up at home, but just remember that you need to water your roots if you want to grow.

Entering the third house of communication, Mercury puts Cancer’s relationships to the test. You may have been waiting for the right time to bring something up with someone you love, but it was time to muster up the courage and lay everything out on the table.

Takeaway: You need to use your voice and COMMUNICATE with the ones you love, Cancer, and the stress will take care of itself.


Unlike Cancer, Leo kind of faced difficulty with saying too much. So hopefully, you were a little more conscious of thinking before speaking during this time (especially since Mercury was in retrograde in your third house of communication). People may have been trying to force a response out of you, but it is wiser to take your time to prepare a thoughtful response.

Continuing to retrograde, Mercury entered Leo’s second house of finances and possessions. This period caused you to rethink what you considered valuable. What’s more important? Money and luxury or the simple things?

Takeaway: Find the BALANCE between the things you want and the things that make you happy, Leo.


Virgos everywhere really felt this Mercury in retrograde, especially with Mercury ruling this sign (along with Gemini) and entering the sign of Virgo halfway through its path. It’s like your whole personality changed when Mercury entered your second house of stability and self-worth, and you may have experienced dissatisfaction with literally anything, but it should be viewed as a way of challenging yourself.

Once in Virgo, Mercury forced you to become much more self-critical. Looking back, it is crucial to understand that you did not need to change, but in doing so, perhaps you were able to dig deeper and be a little more lenient with yourself.

Takeaway: Be sure to extend COMPASSION, Virgo, and others will do the same for you.


Mercury began this year’s third retrograde in the sign of Libra — so what does that mean for Libras everywhere? It is very possible that you felt the need to completely reevaluate everything about yourself. The start of retrograde was in your first house of self, and it is very important to keep in touch with the person you’ve always been instead of the role you play for others.

Luckily (or unluckily?), this retrograde caused you to dig deeper as Mercury entered Libra’s twelfth house of spirituality and healing. Were dreams super vivid? Did your emotions feel more tense than ever? You may have felt lonely, just you and your emotions, but it will be okay.

Takeaway: It’s okay to KEEP some things to yourself, Libra.


Scorpio’s twelfth house of spirituality and healing was its first to be afflicted by this retrograde period, forcing you to face your inner demons and deep fears. However, your desire to be successful is stronger than your fears, especially when your pride is on the line. If you felt reserved or quieter than usual, just know you were giving your subconscious a much-needed break.

As Mercury continues its path of retrograde into Scorpio’s eleventh house of community, new social developments could have come to light but misunderstandings are prevalent as ever during this time.

Takeaway: Scorpio, be CAREFUL as you build trust.


For the spontaneous Sagittarius, Mercury stationing in their eleventh house of community felt like showing up to a party and leaving immediately because it was so dead. If you felt at odds with friends and colleagues, don’t worry. Taking the time to reconnect with old friends may have given you the chance to learn something from them and understand what it takes to make a team work. 

I know you felt it when Mercury was stationed in Sagittarius’ tenth house of reputation and social standing. Being the social butterfly you are, it was time to rethink the image that you project to others without budging on your values.

Takeaway: Learn to work as a TEAM, Sagittarius, without totally changing your personality.


The practical, goal-oriented personality of Capricorn was shaken up once Mercury retrograded into your tenth house of career, forcing you to look for new, creative ways to stay on top of things instead of relying on your former ways. These experiences are meant to remind you of how you faced challenges in the past and guide you in coming up with new tactics.

Mercury then moved into Capricorn’s ninth house of adventure and wisdom, in which you needed to reconnect with your beliefs to help you through a moment of crisis. Without letting this crisis drag you down (too much), it was the time to remember what you already know and open your mind to more.

Takeaway: There is always more to LEARN, Capricorn.


No sign has felt quite as lost or confused as Aquarius during this mercurial retrograde as the planet entered the sign’s ninth house of travel and expansion, but you are very used to trying and experiencing new things. If you felt like you were being driven off course, realize that your convictions will always bring you back home.

Mercury’s retrograde continued into Aquarius’s eighth house of transformation, in which you may have relived some of the less pleasant experiences of your life, especially in instances where you ended up giving something up that you weren’t necessarily ready to let go of. Taking the time to reflect on and process your emotions isn’t a waste of time.

Takeaway: Aquarius, FACE your problems, and maybe they won’t hold you back anymore.


The final sign of the zodiac calendar’s eighth house of transactions was the first to be affected by the retrograde of Mercury. Were you having slight money issues, particularly with allocation and organization? I know I sure did. However, this period was likely less about your financial issues and more about accepting change and removing yourself from situations that you didn’t need to be a part of anymore.

Pisces’ seventh house of partnerships is the final to be affected by Mercury in retrograde, possibly having brought out someone from your past — whether it was a romantic partner, your best friend, or a coworker. By the time this retrograde is over, you may have gained a deeper, clearer understanding of who this person truly is. Be careful not to let history repeat itself!

Takeaway: UNDERSTAND your previous relationships, Pisces, so you make the right choices in future ones.

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Libra, Aries, and Gemini – I know you felt this retrograde harder than the rest of us, but don’t worry! Mercury in retrograde comes to an end on October 2nd, and now we can fully embrace this new moon in Libra. Set goals that help you maintain balance in your life and the universe will bring you projects to do and people to meet that coincide with what you’re doing right now.

Anna Simoes

CU Boulder '23

Anna is a senior at CU as a Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences major along with a Spanish minor. She is from the Bay Area in California and loves to attend concerts and go to the beach in her free time! When it's snowy in CO, she spends time with her cat, Ren. :)