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What I Learned from New York College Fashion Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CU Boulder chapter.

Thanks to Her Campus, I was able to go with the models for our chapter to New York College Fashion week. This is an opportunity I will be forever thankful for, and I will cherish for the rest of my life. Here are a few things that I learned from this incredible experience

New York New York

This was my first time ever visiting New York, and the fact that I was able to do it with girls that I love with this organization I adore, and my university was magical. We were able to be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday and, in those three days, I had the most amazing experience that I never thought was possible. Getting to explore the city with my girls was such a fun time as we got content for social media and hyped each other up on our outfits.

Who is she

Everyone in Soho looked so put together and fashion-forward and that isn’t something I have experienced before, never having lived in a big city. I loved seeing all the expressions of fashion on Broadway, and that was major inspiration for my fashion going forward. That experience hit me with a surge of confidence because all these women looked amazing on a random Saturday on the streets of New York, and made me realize that I can be confident and trendy for myself.

Get that bond

It is important to build relationships and connections in everything you do, and being able to go to New York with these girls brought us closer together, and has made our chapter stronger. There is so much support and love going around, and I know I have made lifelong friends through this experience. Having done this has enriched my life in ways that I never could have imagined.

Her Campus really did THAT

How incredible is it that we do this? Her Campus really puts on a fashion show with real college girls to show off a big brand and represent body positivity. To see girls come together from colleges and chapters all over the nation to showcase Primark and their new fall collection was so inspiring and made me adore Her Campus even more than I alreay did. This was such an inspiring thing to see first-hand. The models really did represent inclusivity, beauty in all shapes and sizes, and diversity. 

Networking? I think yes.

At the show, I saw so many incredible people that I recognized from social media as big names in Her Campus and I was so thrilled to be in the same room as these powerful and influential people. After this event, I can definitely see Her Campus in my future, and I know that this amazing organization opens up so many doors for myself as well as my girl gang here at CU Boulder.

Social media QUEEN

Being on the social media team for my chapter enriched my experience even more because I was able to document the event and take over our Instagram for the day of the show. This experience helped me to improve my own Instagram game, for my personal account as well as our chapter’s account. Engaging with everyone online to share this experience was a lesson I will take with me and continue to pursue with both networks.



Having this experience I am so grateful to Her Campus and my school for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to have this life-changing experience. See you next time New York!

Kaitland is the Social Media Director for the chapter. She is a junior here at CU Boulder, studying Communication with minors in Spanish and Media Studies. Journalism is a fun hobby of hers and her favorite things to write about are: fashion, social issues and lifestyle. On campus, Kaitland is part of CMCI and the Dean Scholars. In Boulder you can find her at your local aesthetic coffee shop, trying out cool new restaurants, and saying hi to the local fauna.
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