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Ways to Build Your Resume While Making an Impact

Among a lot of regrets that college graduates have is not seeking out more internships earlier. Although, this might seem counterintuitive (why would students want to get workforce experience when they’ll be there for 20+ years after college?). However, while getting a new internship every semester isn’t weird in college, switching companies every few months definitely is. And that’s where the value of internships comes in. You can switch companies and essentially sample careers for a few months at a time. And if you hate it? There are virtually no long-term issues. 

So how can you get that valuable experience without feeling like you sold your soul and wasted your summer? Get an internship that actually interests you, one that actually makes an impact. Here are just a few:

Chica Chocolate: Marketing & Social Media Management Intern

Are you passionate about helping other women? This internship might be perfect for you. Chica Chocolate is a company that makes handmade truffles that help women get through their periods with less pain. This opportunity is definitely unique because you’ll be their first-ever intern (meaning there’s a high chance you could get a full-time role with them as well). 

Check out their story: “Co-founder Cassidy’s father, Marco Lam, LAc, MSOM, had been using an ancient blend of Chinese herbs with great success in his acupuncture clinic, helping women balance their hormones and ease their periods.” - Chica Chocolate

Hyde Engineering Services: Business Development Intern. Power/Renewables

While this internship does require more former experience, you’ll be working on very impactful projects for “the most advanced energy projects in development” along with Fortune 500 companies. Here you’ll work at an organization developing everything from marine electric drivetrains to microgrids. 

Check out their mission: “Our goal is to facilitate a global change in energy infrastructure with smart and connected projects that exceed our customers’ expectations.” - Hyde Engineering Services

Carta Healthcare: MBA Business Strategist Intern (Remote)

Carta Healthcare all began with the powerful story of its co-founder and CEO, Matt Hollingsworth, whose mother survived cancer five times. After growing up in the hospital due to the many therapies and surgeries his mother went through, he found a need. From that passion, Carta Healthcare was born with the mission to, “automate and simplify the work that burns out clinical staff, so they can focus on patient care”. 

Check out their goals: “We believe that the path to better patient outcomes starts with more fulfilled, better-utilized clinicians who are liberated to focus on their true calling, helping patients. At Carta, we design products that transform the way hospitals use data to deliver care. We make analyzing data fast, easy, and useful for everyone.” - Carta Healthcare

Alteryx: Product Manager Intern (Summer 2021)

If crunching numbers and data is more up your alley, being a Product Manager Intern at Alteryx this summer might be your cup of tea. Alteryx focuses on helping organizations in all locations upgrade their impact and workforce through business automation, data science, and analytics. 

Check out more about them: “Alteryx is revolutionizing data analytics by providing a complete end-to-end, self-service platform that allows users to get from business questions to business answers at incredible speeds. At Alteryx, we are explorers, dreamers and innovators. We're on a journey to build the best analytics platform in the world, but we can't do it without people like you leading the way.” - Alteryx

Whether this is your first internship, or your resume is already stock full, this is a great opportunity for us to remember just how useful our learned skills can be beyond classwork. And there’s nothing like an impactful internship to get you working hard at what matters to you.

Cynthia Lim

CU Boulder '23

Cynthia Lim is a sophomore at CU Boulder majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Data Science. In her free time she likes writing, playing the piano, and rock climbing.
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