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Wake Up Early to Increase Productivity

Man who’s crazy enough to want to wake up early? Me, hello I’m crazy. 

For real though, try it! If you guys have read my previous articles, you would know that I have been feeling unmotivated and super blah. In high school, I tried waking up at five, so that I would have time to get a workout in and start my day. I remember feeling so productive. This past week I decided to try again. Not to the extreme of five a.m. because y’all, I still sleep late, don’t get me wrong. I still do love my sleep, so I settled for six a.m. 

YOU GUYS!! The 180 change in productivity is astronomical! As most of us college students, I used to wake up only a few minutes before my first class and for the rest of the day, it felt like pulling hair and teeth just to get that one assignment done. The energy and courage it took. Now that I wake up at six a.m., I can wake up calmly and stress-free, go to the gym for a workout, make a healthy breakfast, set the vibe in my room with a lit candle, some music, and then start my work. 

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Setting a routine and environment to comfortably wake up early sets the tone for the day. It feels like you’re getting a calmer head start than everyone else. I think especially now, it’s important to have a good-tempered mind space. There’s not much we can control, but we can control our routine and attitude with what we do have. If you are feeling FOMO or sad, your feelings are valid. You are allowed to have a moment to feel that, but you have the rest of the day to redirect that feeling to become more productive. Waking up early allows you to have that moment. You have to feel your feelings. Sleep is only a temporary fix. That feeling will come up in the day regardless.

It really is about mindset. I identified what has been fostering my unproductiveness and “blah” feeling. I don’t like to be in a rush, so I wake up early to wake up my brain. My phone has been a huge distraction. I felt like I had to check every notification, so now I turn off my notifications and only go into those apps when I want to, not when I feel the need to. I have designated a spot on my shelf for my phone- out of easy reach. My phone is not the first thing I check in the morning anymore. I go straight to my workout so that I didn’t wake up early just to lay in bed for an hour on my phone. 

Wake up early and watch the sunrise! It hits different seeing sun and light rather than pitch black. Good vibes and happy thoughts :)

Tracy Huynh

CU Boulder '23

Tracy is a sophomore at the Leeds School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix and going shopping. If she is not studying, she can be found with a fuzzy blanket and fuzzy socks in bed or in the home decor section of any store daydreaming.
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