Valentines Day for the Single Gal

I’m with ya sister. You don’t have a man/women, you don’t have anyone begging to take you out, and you most certainly are NOT EXCITED FOR VALENTINES DAY. If you are more worried about spending your valentine's days alone, than your upcoming midterms, then you need a Galentine's Day. Here are five ideas about how to spend your Valentine's Day if you aren't booed up.

1. Have an “I’m That B*tch” photoshoot with your girls:

What is better than stunting on all those people who didn’t take you out. Get cute and snap a few pics with your besties.

2. Have a wine night.

Gather all your closest friend and drink away your Valentine's Day sorrows.

3. Go see the new Rebel Wilson move, Isn’t it Romantic.

What better way to ignore the fact that you are single than seeing a spoof on a romantic comedy?

4. Have a well deserved in-home spa day.

Bust out your favorite face mask and nail polish because it is time for some self-love.

5. Take yourself out to your favorite restaurant.

Ladies, it is 2019. We shouldn't rely on our dates to take us out. Go treat yourself— you deserve it.